Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last night Night and I cleansed and empowered our new altar. It’s so nice to finally have a permanent standing altar after years of makeshift stools and quick-to-hide blankets caused by living in a Christian household. It was also nice to perform something so simple yet so powerful as a blessing with my life-partner.
We’re not quite done with the consecration and won’t be until Wednesday, the last night of this full moon. On that night we’ll also be consecrating some of our new tools such as the wands we harvested back in the spring.
Such work along with the weather makes me anxious for Samhain.

Tarot Decks

This tarot deck has to be the cutest one I’ve ever seen! So quirky, I definitely suggest everyone check it out.

The Jane Austen Tarot DeckThis is the deck that I use. My love for literature (especially Romantic/Victorian literature like that of Austen) was never something I thought I could connect to my faith until I saw this deck. Having always wanted to read tarot but never feeling any connection to the cards I was so excited when I found this. The characters and the connection all make sense. It makes me wonder why there aren’t more literary decks out there. Some good ideas would be Shakespeare, maybe Lewis Carol’s Alice books, Edgar Allen Poe…I guess if I got my ass in gear I could work on some of these ideas myself eh? Heh perhaps when I have time on summer break this year.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Merry Meet Again

Samhain fast approaches. The very air carries the intense smells of falling leaves, smoke from fires, and the crisp ice of coming winter.
My thoughts are busy with preparations. My physical work will start on the 18th, 13 days from the Sabbat. I tend to work with fairies as the day draws near, to renew my connection with my inner child (a process that is and should be on going), and mediate on the death of the Mother Goddess and the Oak God that harkens the coming of the Crone and Holly King.

Such a magical time is felt by all people, witch and mundane alike. Signs for Trunk or Treats, Fall Festivals, and Harvest Fairs are posted, decorations of warding Jack-O-Lanterns, spooky ghosts, ensnaring spider webs, and enchanting witches are set out, and boys and girls of all religions are fired-up with the energy of Halloween.

Your meditations for the Sabbat could be on ancestors and death for the season is one of endings (and eventual re-births). They could be on abundance and growth as the third Harvest comes. Or they could be on beginnings and the Witch’s New Year.
Whatever your thoughts are on I know they are blessed. Be sure to go outside and enjoy the autumnal breeze, the pumpkin moons, and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet.

Blessed Be,