Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Starting

Huzzah for the end of finals and the school year!
Starting off the summer with my thoughts spinning…

I just read Soul Agreement by Dick and Tara Sutphen. The book gives different cases of people (some famous, others healers, some in the metaphysical ring, others in the music biz) that Dick and Tara have guided into past-life regression and have given a full astrological charting that connect to the regression.
The book also covers parallels, wanderers, and other ideas connected to those living today.
Soul Agreement is an excellent book in explaining past lives and the way they effect all relationships in this life (beyond just soul mates which so many books cover it becomes ridiculous). There is a reason a mother and daughter don’t get along or why one cannot seem to let go of an abusive partner. This is definitely a topic I would like to look into more myself.

I’m still working on my Henna Magick book. I have found a Reiki healer that uses henna but I need to get a paper that will protect both of our rights for her to electronically sign before we go on any further in my research with her. I’ve done a few rituals, both somewhat small.
I’d like to go ahead and write up a brief explanation of the benefits of henna for skin, hair, and nails, as well as a brief history of henna tattooing. Once I get the technical stuff out of the way I can get to the fun part of ritual, spell, and henna work.