Friday, March 27, 2009

Karma Koming Around

There is always a lot of talk about Karma no matter your beliefs or where you're from. Usually the word about Karma is bad, do soemthing and you'll get your ass kicked by Karma. However, people seem to miss the good part of Karma. Do some good and you get a psychic hug.
Currently I'm sitting at Unique Treasures and though there has been no business as far as the Henna job is concerned, I have had a great time just hanging with the people here and drinking some excellent coffee.
DJ Clownshoes is doing an online stream (and though I'm not digging the rap/hip-hop he is playing so Joplin and some Dylan and some Bassnectar), people are hanging over the chess table and the cafe bar, and theres tarot readings in the back.
I've been really blessed by June (the owner and tarot reader excellance) and Holly (her daughter). We've been helping out as much as we can around the cafe/boutique and upstairs in the apartment. The Karmic love has really hit.
Our relationship (Night and I) is great and we've been super blessed by his family recently in many ways. We expect to be engaged soon (the ring is on from the Black Hills Gold collection) and hope to have our engagement party this fall/winter at Unique Treasures.

QUOTE of the DAY:
Remember the ancient dictum: “I will interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my Soul.”— Gerald del Campo