Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stick to it!

All the great teachers encourage learning of new skills but they also encourage dedication ot what you do best.

The Golden Dawn members said find a type of divination that is easiest and best done by your hand and use it. This means that if your skills in Tarot are considered a mastery by many and you find a sort of friendship and comfort in your tarot deck, then stick to it rather than struggle and fight to learn how to read tea leaves and crystal balls.

I have learned thsi lesson fairly well after studying tarot, beating my head against the wall called Numerology, and tortured myself and a poor pendulum for hours I have returned to my original ways: scrying via dark mirror or sphere.

Recently, fate and spirits have given me a little bit of an abrupt love-tap as I stepped into Three of Cups, a local Botanica. Looking at the herbs and curios, I found myself standing before a jewel case holding crystal balls and wands. My eyes and full attention were drwn to a dark orb about the sixe of my fist that looked to be ring upon ring of black, green, gray, and smoky midnight blue.

If you have ever felt the tug of something that resonates with your very core, you will understand how I felt as my heart core vibrated madly and my every thought cried out, "Thats Mine!"

Sadly, the sphere was a little expensive, being made of Ranbow Obsidian with few marks. I let it be, thinking of my pocketbook.
A week or so later, I returned to Three of Cups and was again in front of the jewel case, looking down at the rainbow obsidian which continued to call to me.

A dear friend of mine gave me a jarring boost to buy the stone. He said that if I didnt buy it, then there would be a chance that someone else would buy it and might use it without the dear respect it deserves...someone who I did not feel much liking towards.

So I bought the stone and overcame some hesitations I had towards scrying. Now I realize that I have a natural affinity towards this form of divination and have been a fool to turn from it as I have for more worldly accepted forms, for forms that people happily pay to have done.

Please take heed and do what your soul calls for and do not shun it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresh Breath of May

I hope that all had a fabulous Beltain/May Day.
I certainly did.
Along with having a weekend of at home dates with my beloved, I also started a new project:
A ScrapBook of Shadows.

My plan is to gather up my working spells and start a few new ones and put them together artistically.
My pages should include samples of herbs, stone chips, poetry/chants uses, and so on along with the actual spells and photographs. I also want to bookmark a few pages with handmade book marks with gemstones that correspond with the type of spell.
Sounds like a big undertaking but there is no dedline.

I am also interested in perhaps putting together a scrabooking group specifically on SBOSs.

I hope everyone's May Day was as enjoyable as mine if nt more so ^_^