Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresh Breath of May

I hope that all had a fabulous Beltain/May Day.
I certainly did.
Along with having a weekend of at home dates with my beloved, I also started a new project:
A ScrapBook of Shadows.

My plan is to gather up my working spells and start a few new ones and put them together artistically.
My pages should include samples of herbs, stone chips, poetry/chants uses, and so on along with the actual spells and photographs. I also want to bookmark a few pages with handmade book marks with gemstones that correspond with the type of spell.
Sounds like a big undertaking but there is no dedline.

I am also interested in perhaps putting together a scrabooking group specifically on SBOSs.

I hope everyone's May Day was as enjoyable as mine if nt more so ^_^

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