Monday, February 20, 2012


Ever feel like you have the lamest super power ever?

I start humming a song, turn on the radio and it just started playing or hear the phone ring before a bill collector calls.

I'm no fluffy bunny but man wouldn't it be awesome if some of the powers of Charmed, Harry Potter, etc were real? At least then I could do something useful...

Feeling a little blah lately, sorry.
My past is catching up with me just like my 2012 horoscope said it would. Everything from ex boyfriends to people I never slept with, wish I had, and now am, to friends confessing their love for me...
Really tired.

Can't wait for the part about how my career is gonna take off and I'm gonna be a monetary success...when is that gonna come to pass Mr. Dragon Horoscope?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Packing packing packing

Still getting ready for the big move in April.

Here is our large trunk in which we've packed the majority of our metaphysical items and quite a few of our books. We'll have a hell of a time getting across the board of Canada if the troops search this and think we're a bunch of crazy devil worshipers. Oh well, maybe the spirits of travel will be with us.

For those of you who celebrate
Happy Valentines day

I did a Valentine's Tarot reading regarding love and life and received a very in depth reading about upcoming romance.

It seems fate has decided to tie up some loose strings regarding my love life. I've had 2 ex boyfriends try and contact me in the last month - not cool. And I recently had a tryst with a girl I've had a crush on for 4years now (before some of you get confused, Damon and I are polyamourous and both of us slept with her so no one cheated on anyone else). We had hoped that something more would come of this but it doesn't look like it will. So we will stay good friends and move on.

My tarot reading tonight did say that nothing would happen with her but that we will have someone coming into our love life come Beltane (We will already be in Alaska by then so I'm really curious how this will come about).
Some of you may wonder how I get these time frames in my reading. I read intuitively and go by strong emotions and one of them popped into my head hard that it would come on Beltane, to be ready by then.

I also got some news about my career. Recently I've been looking at 2 options I have as far as my career goes. I could go one path which will lead to more schooling and maybe a more stable position. The other will allow me more artistic freedom but some financial instability.
The reading told me that there will be a 3rd option coming along. It didn't say which of the three I will choose, just that I don't only have 2 paths.

My current ally is The Devil and my current enemy is the King of Pentacles/Coins; both were inverted. This is something that is sticking with me strongly from this reading.

So there's my update. I hope you all had a great Vday or Lupercalia.