Monday, February 20, 2012


Ever feel like you have the lamest super power ever?

I start humming a song, turn on the radio and it just started playing or hear the phone ring before a bill collector calls.

I'm no fluffy bunny but man wouldn't it be awesome if some of the powers of Charmed, Harry Potter, etc were real? At least then I could do something useful...

Feeling a little blah lately, sorry.
My past is catching up with me just like my 2012 horoscope said it would. Everything from ex boyfriends to people I never slept with, wish I had, and now am, to friends confessing their love for me...
Really tired.

Can't wait for the part about how my career is gonna take off and I'm gonna be a monetary success...when is that gonna come to pass Mr. Dragon Horoscope?

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