Monday, March 5, 2012

of Guardians and Guides

Ok, so I think I have a new Guardian or Guide.

I know that these beings sometimes switch out, change or add to depending on where you are at in your life but I've had the same 4 for quite some time now (about since I was 14) and now I haven't had contact with one, the Crone, for months and suddenly a new one makes contact.

The new one looks like a large crow-man. no feathers but the pale skin of a bald old man and yet his shape is like a large crow wearing a black robe. His...its eyes are black like they're nothing but pupils and has a large black beak. sort of gives me the creeps because its constantly there and watching me when I meditate or turn my attention onto it.

I've yet to receive any messages from it, just its constant presence. I'm curious about it and considering going to a friend of mine and getting a reading.
I might do a sketch of it and post it on here.

Any of my darling readers know anything about guardians and guides and have any clue as to what this being is?

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