Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Manifestation vs Preparedness

Ok, I have a BIG question for you my readers so I hope you'll give me your answers...please?

Damon and I and our girlfriend, who I will call Lady here, are talking about having a baby once we're settled down in Alaska.
Wow! right?
I'll be the one who has the baby physically - the preggers mama I mean - since Lady is sterile due to health concerns.

I've been looking at ALL KINDS of cute adorable natural organic poly-friendly pagan-friendly adorable BABY STUFF! And books and videos and articles on how to prepare and natural parenting and natural birth etc etc etc

But I got to wondering.
We're not moving to Alaska for another 3 weeks or so and even then we wont have our new home right away and Even Then, Lady wont be moving up until September!
So I don't want to be pregnant YET, I'd like to wait until we're all together and all settled at least even if that doesn't mean we feel financially ready (because I'm told we never really will be).

My question is, does my reading and looking at all this baby stuff and thinking about it excitedly manifest my pregnancy sooner? I'm a lil worried it does.
I'm not on chemical birth control - we plan around my periods and ovulation and whatnot since I'm allergic to most condoms and we're all three STI free and so on and so forth. So...there's always a chance I could accidentally get pregnant...
But the question here is about manifestation not birth control.
If you believe in manifestation, do you think I could actually manifest a sooner pregnancy than id like? do you think there's a way to manifest it October or November or December...?

What is your opinion?

While you're answering or after, check out this amazing video from the Raw Food World owner Matt Monarch and his beautiful wife - they had a completely unassisted birth!

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