Friday, March 16, 2012

Celtic Symbols in Magic

If you follow a Celtic Pagan Tradition or are looking to get in touch with your Irish roots for St. Paddy's tomorrow, I thought I would share a list of Celtic Symbols and their meanings that can be used in magic. Most of these involve a braided knot work. If you've the skill to recreate these designs I consider you a very gifted person (because I cant >.<).

Celtic Oval: Throughout Ancient Europe, the oval symbolized eternity and unending love.

Celtic Heart: Traditional symbol of love, desire and courage.

Celtic Square: A Scottish design that is part of the traditional Celtic love knot.

Celtic Round: The outer circle symbolizes the sun while the knots represent the elements.

Celtic Four: Represents friendships or love between 2 people who are separate yet together.

Love Knot: Two entwined hearts that represent the eternal union of 2 souls.

Trinity: Power three-sided figure can represent Father, Son and Holy Ghost by Christian Tradition, Maiden Mother and Crone by Pagan, or simply body, mind and spirit.

My all time favorite Celtic symbol is the Claddagh, which represents a heart for love, hands for friendship and a crown for loyalty. When offering a claddagh ring to the one you love it was once customary to say, "I give you my heart, crowned with my love." My husband gave me a claddagh wedding band and we used that saying instead of "With this ring, I thee wed" at our wedding.

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You have a very good sense of art and i love watching it.