Friday, March 30, 2012

Witchcraft on the Road

We're on vacation but this witch's work is never done. My husband has commissioned me to make a fisherman's mojo bag for him to bring him luck while catching fish. I told him I'll make it tomorrow but for tonight I'll give him a "lucky kiss" and hope he catches me something yummy.

Well before that I had said that I had never tried shark and would like what would you know...
He just ran up from the dock where he's fishing in an ocean inlet and brough me my shark!
Its a little sand shark and I'll post pictures once I get the pics off of my camera.
So yes, I will still be making a mojo and giving lucky kisses and hoping for more yummies in the day to come...and I will also be tossing that nasty "lucky" fishing hat he has that is falling apart and smells terrible.

Any suggestions on a lucky fisherman's mojo?

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