Saturday, March 31, 2012

School Rant

Not to turn this blog into an outlet for ranting or all my baby-wanting pre-pregnancy research I did want to post this to try and get it off my chest as it still is bugging me after hearing about it almost a week ago.

My cousin, who is like my little sister as we were raised together in the same house, has recently started going to a Christian academy in her city. I have no issue with this as I went to a Christian (Baptist) Academy and the education was excellent even though I disagree with some of their teaching techniques (specifically paddling).

When I asked why they were moving her to the academy I was given 2 reasons by my grandmother
1 her public school was teaching homosexuality in sex ed classes - I rolled my eyes at this but decided not to cause an argument with my fundamentalist Christian family so I said nothing about it

2 the schools are overstepping their boundries in raising children
The example I was given was one of my cousin's classmates brought a lunch from home, which consisted of a turkey sandwich, a fruit cup and some juice. The school took her lunch away because it didn't have all the food groups represented, gave her a school lunch and tried to make her mother pay for the school lunch given.
When asked what of the school lunch she ate, the little girl said she had a couple of chicken nuggets but didn't like them or anything else on her she went hungry.

I was in shock.
I knew things were getting crazy in the schools today after reading an article about a teacher cutting off one girl's hair in front of the class because she kept playing with her braids, another teacher having her students write Christmas cards to her imprisoned boyfriend (who was charged with child pornography), and more.
But I had assumed that these were isolated incidents and I had never imagined they'd hit so close to home as the school decided to the letter how a parent should feed or even raise their children.

As I look into my pre-pregnancy planning I cant help but look ahead to when my child or children are of age to be placed into the school system...and the more I learn about that school system the more I feel that I don't want my offspring in it.

So there's my rant...sorry I know it has nothing to do with witchcraft at all but now that its off my chest maybe I can put it off my mind as well.

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