Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Candle Color Correspondences

Here are some Hoodoo Candle Correspondences. I wanted to share them because there are a few differences between this list and the one used by most pagan and wiccan websites I've read.
  • white -- spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest
  • blue -- peace, harmony, joy, kindly intentions, healing
  • green -- money spells, gambling luck, business, a good job, good crops
  • yellow -- devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction
  • red -- love spells, affection, passion, bodily vigour
  • pink -- attraction, romance, clean living
  • purple -- mastery, power, ambition, control, command
  • orange -- change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams
  • brown -- court case spells, neutrality
  • black -- repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, freedom from evil
  • red and black (Double Action) -- remove a love-jinxing spell
  • white and black (Double Action) -- to return evil to the sender
  • green and black (Double Action) -- remove money-jinxing
More about candle magic and correspondences for such works can be found HERE
Also see Moma Sarah's blog post on how to work a Candle, Voodoun style

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