Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Notes from my journal: Spell(not)work

Why is my spell not working?

I get asked this a lot by witches who are either just starting out in their craft or this is their first really big spell that they care a lot about the outcome.
I used to respond with – Don’t worry about it so much. Just let it go.
Or – Did you set a specific timeline on the spell? Is it supposed to happen between one full moon and another or one season or (put some time here)?
Or – perhaps it’s simply your karma that it’s not meant to be right now.
The responses are little varied. Most of the time I’m blown off and said witch goes on to find someone else who can give them, what I like to call the Staples Button, quick fix (you know, like the commercial, where they hit the big red Staples button and the solution automatically happens). This magic bullet, or big red button, simply doesn’t exist yet, we all look for it at some point in our lives.

So, what do I saw now when a witch comes to me and asks why, why, why won’t my spell work?
I explain that a spell is like a prayer of intent. We gather our tools to bring the desired vibration then, with a chant or prayer or meditation, we send it out into our reality in order to make change happen. This is the definition of magic spell.

The reason a spell doesn’t work is 2 fold:

  1. A spell or prayer of intent must be left alone. This is something I learned when I was in Sunday school at my grandmother’s Baptist church. Worry is a sin. Worry over a matter you’ve prayed for (or have cast a spell for) shows lack of faith in God (or the Universe or the Deities or the higher Self, etc). By worrying over a spell, you’re not allowing it to happen. – The Fix? Let it go! Let your spell work. Let it take its time and work as your path allows it to. By worrying over it you’re sending doubt into the Universe and blocking the very thing you want.
  2. The other reason why a witch’s spell doesn’t work is because it does. Confusing? Well, so many witches visualize a spell or intent and expect it to happen with trumpets sounding and a big banner saying THIS IS IT! They don’t realize that the man they bump on the street in a hurry to get to their appointment was the Mr. Right they cast a love spell for or that the Boss’s dog dying was the perfect time to show remorse and letter get that big promotion they cast a money or job spell for. The Universe is subtle and we have to boost our intuition and understanding that every little curve in our path can lead us in the right direction. 

I know that neither of these things offers a quick fix. The life of the modern witch is, sadly, not like that portrayed on television shows like Bewitched, Sabrina or Charmed. There is no all knowing Book of Shadows that offers a spell for every situation, no matter how unlikely, and poof – your demons, inner or outer, are gone and all is well with your world. Magic isn’t all smoke and glitter and big bangs. Sometimes its soft and gently like a summer breeze on skin.

A large portion of spell casting is faith. Faith is simply believing in yourself or in the Universe or Deity that you’ve invoked for the spell and that the spell will come to its fruition somehow. There are ways to build faith.

One way is to build your intuition. This may seem unconnected but if your intuition is strong, you will be able to see the omens as what they really are – signals and messages from the Divine or the Divine Self.

By building intuition and seeing and understand omens, you can better see your ability to walk the path laid out for you AND to see the subtle ways spells work out (without big bangs and trumpets sounding). By seeing these messages, you can better understand how your spell can work instead of running around blindly trying a dozen ways to force your spell to work and having doubts about the outcome.

I want to leave with a note of understanding. I know that life can be hard sometimes but the Witch’s Way or Path or whatever you would like to call it offers the hope of enlightenment and understanding of the world around us. We simply have to open ourselves up to this possibility. Don’t be distressed when a spell or ritual doesn’t work out how you thought it should. Open up your heart and eyes for the smaller, simpler, and, sometimes more magickal things in life.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Notes from my journal: Compatibility & Astrology

Compatibility and Astrology

A topic I find abundant in magical writing is relationships and compatibility. There are tons of books on the shelf in the New Age section of the book store that all deal with Astrology and relationships. Most of them give descriptions of the personalities attributed to each sign and then explain what two or three signs your sign is compatible with then go on to say what kind of dates, gifts or sex lives you’ll have together.
I find these books a little silly and beyond fallible.
Let me give you an example:

I am a Sagittarius and my Chinese Zodiac is an Earth Dragon.
My husband is a Pisces who’s Chinese Zodiac is a Water Ox.

According to almost every sing book I’ve read we are as incompatible as night and day and should, in all likelihood, be on the verge of such dislike as to hate each other.
Sagittarians are tactless and firey with little patience for dreamy and inconsistent Pisces who often will leave a meeting with Sag with their feelings hurt and self-esteem trampled.
Dragons view Oxen as fuel for their fire. They have little time for the Ox’s stubborn, slow behavior and homey ways.

Earth and Fire ME has very little in common with Air and Water Hubby.

Even our Prakriti – our Ayurvedic personality and body types – conflict. I’m Kapha – soft with a healthy yet slow metabolism – while my hubs is a Pita – hot and acidic with a high metabolism and the need to consume.

Yet, out mixture of conflicting elements and star alignments allow us to balance each other out so well that not only do we get along but we love each other passionately. I find the Water in my husband’s personality cools my firey nature and the Earth in my nature as well as my Sagittarian need to plan help ground my husband’s Airy and dreamy nature.

The issue with these blanket statements in astrology books about what sign goes best with what other signs is just that – they are blanket statements. No person is a perfect Sagittarius. There are many varieties – a moon sign grounding them, they were born on the cusp of Scorpio or Capricorn, etc. This all effects the personality just as much as the sun sign.

Another thing many people don’t take into account is that there are multiple types of astrology. There’s Western, Chinese and Mayan. There are also different traditions of astrology. Western Astrology with the Zodiacs from Aries to Pisces also has a modern very with the Ophyn sign, which can change one person’s sign to a completely different one.

For example, my husband and I are completely incompatible according to Western and Chinese astrology but according to Mayan Astrology we’re perfect complements. I am a White World-Bringer and my hubs is a Red Skywalker and according to our Mayan astrology readings we not only complement each other but also bring balance to each other’s lives.

So, before you start comparing Zodiac signs of perspective dates, remember there’s more to the realm of compatibility than a paragraph in a book for $12.95 at the New Age book store. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alaska and the Ren Faire

So I’m in Alaska!
Actually, I’ve been in a Alaska for about 4 weeks now, sorry for not blogging but I don’t have internet at the campground we’re currently staying at >.<
Spring has sprung here in AK. All around Anchorage dandelions, lupine, forget-me-nots and a little white flower I’ve yet to identify are in bloom. Sadly my camera is broken and I’ve yet to get another one so I can’t show you the beauty all around me…yet!

I’ve done a lot since we’ve been here though. I’ve learned to crochet, got a job as a Front Desk receptionist at a local hotel, been out harvesting wild edibles, had close encounters with moose and black bear (and lived), and I’ve been to the Anchorage Renaissance Fair!
I know, it’s a lot for 3…4 weeks, right?

There’s so much to talk about but for now I just want to tell you about the Anchorage Renaissance Festival.
The Three Barons Renaissance Fair is not as big as some of the other fairs I’ve been to but it was very well laid out and each area seems to be designated to the 3 barons – 1 from Italy, 1 from England, and 1 Moorish Baron. There was plenty of entertainment from the Circus of the Damned to the Alchemist’s Magic Show and tons of vendors from blacksmiths (one was a cutie in a kilt) to the local wenches guild to food galore.
I was very impressed.

One of my first stops was at a vendor booth called Hedgewitchery (surprised?). The owner, Brend M. Beck, was a welcoming lady who was dressed as a peasant herbwife and going about her business making tinctures and liniments in the shop window. She was surrounded by dried herbs and her wares – soaps, liniments, salves and teas.
She welcomed us to the fair and to Alaska and we talked about local herbs in the area and how it compared to Tennessee. She then invited me to a class she’s teaching next month on local plants and herbs – I’ll post the information when she gives it to me ^_^

Another vendor I stopped at was The Renaissance Raven ( Darlene Cullor is a jewelry artist who specializes in creating “Torch & Kiln Fired Enamels, Repousse, and all times of metals: sterling, copper, Brass.” She had so many beautiful pieces, I was depressed at not having much cash on me to buy a leather rose for a hair piece or any of the other jewelry there.

The vendor that I had the most fun with is definitely the International Wenches Guild – Alaska Local chapter. These bawdy and friendly ladies were offering a variety of items from hand-made masks to moss covered fairy houses to beaded jewelry. While I browsed I heard one of the ladies call out to a scalawag passing by teasingly then turn to another wench and state that she had received a hug from him earlier and he was by far one of the cutest young men here at the fair.
I got a card from them and want to share its statement:

What is the wenches guild? – a loose (not necessarily literally) yet powerful confederation of women who share beliefs:
  • ·         A wench is not afraid to stand on her own
  • ·         A wench is beautiful, regardless of size, shape, or color
  • ·         A wench is unafraid to use body, brains and brawn to get what she wants
  • ·         A wench doesn’t need anyone to tell her how to live, love, look or dress

For more information, or if you think you or someone you know might be a wench, go to

I did as the card bid, thinking I might be a wench too, and learned that the guild is actually quite large. To become a member there is a $43 fee for lifetime membership plus $4.30 shipping for the items they send you – a pin with their motto, a booklet, a certificate to verify you are a certifiable wench to be framed, and cards that offer 1 free kiss to be given to skalawags and other kissable men. I think this is very cute and plan to become a wench as soon as I get the funds together.

In all the fair was wonderful and I look forward to next year when, hopefully, I’ll have more time and money to spend. I did notice a lack of gypsy fortune tellers…maybe I’ll have to correct this ^_~