Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bad Economy Bloggery

So, I work in Short Sales, which means every day I go to the office, to my little cubicle, I log into a phone, sip my tea and I talk to people who are looking for alternatives to foreclosure. Sometimes  can help these people with short sale of their homes, other times I have to tell them, unfortunately, that they will lose their home and there is nothing to be done about it.
I work very hard at not getting trapped n the guilt and shame and anger that comes with this job and focus on trying my best to help people and moving on if I cannot.

That being said...there are a few Pagans on YouTube who have done videos in regards to foreclosure, bad economy, etc. I thought  would share a few here:

I love Madame Dubois and her Real Witches of Orange County Videos and she did a very genuine video about foreclosure here:

Mrs. Fiendish Bat has a few political, economical, talking videos on her channel but I wanted to share her Get a Job Spell for those of you interested in prosperity magick:

And of course a Witch Bottle ^_^

Pagan Prompts: Familiars

I have a cat who could be considered a shared familiar between myself and Damon. Her name is Halloween – due to the day we found her and her calico coloring of pumpkin orange, midnight black, and ghost white with moth green eyes.

Halloween talks to us in a way I’ve never seen of another cat (we have 2 others that are very intelligent but not quite at this level) and I’ve also done guided meditations with her – and she was the guide!

Halloween’s astral form varies from looking like herself now, to a larger white cat, to a human form that is tall, white and blonde. The same thing about all these forms is her eyes, the same luna moth color. The feel of her astral projection is both feral and protective, as if she would kill any ill meaning interloper on our journey.

On the down side, Halloween insists on being a part of all of our magickal activities and will yowl and scratch at the door of our bedroom during private meditations. She also in a bit of an energy hog and will snuggle everything from spread tarot cards to crystals laying in the lunar light.

She is also our surrogate fur-kid, especially for Damon. I believe if anything happened to that cat, he would be just as devastated as someone who had a hurt or lost child. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Mabon Etsy Picks 2011

Check Out my Mabon Picks on Etsy...including treats, clothes, and more

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Dalai Lama's Great Plan Part 1.m4v

See Part 2 here

Grounding and Transformation

I was taught this Kundalini mantra by a friend to help me ground myself. Now I do it when I'm upset, when I feel my blood pressure rise, when I feel dizzy, etc and it works in a matter of seconds.

The Grounding Excersize

With both hands, press your thumb to your forefinger and say "Sa" (pronounced S-ah), then your middle finger and say "Ta" (pronounced Tah), your ring finger and say "Na" (pronounced N-ah), then pinky/little finger and say "Ma" (pronounced Mah) then back to fore finger and work your way through the procession again.

You do not have to say the mantra out loud for it to work so this simple exercise can be done in public, at work, where ever.

This works with the meridians of the body and by pressing each finger to the thumb is representative of pressing each element in the body to the earth element (the earth meridian resides in the thumb), thus grounding them.

The Sounds

SA TA NA MA represent the words Sat Nam, which is the bij mantra or seed mantra. It is the mantra that sows the seeds of truth in our consciousness. The sounds of the mantra, Sa Ta Na Ma, connect consciousness to the evolution of existence itself and can be transformational when used regularly with meditative practices such as Kundalini yoga.

Sa represents both beginnings and infinity - all that ever was or will be.
Ta is life, existence, creativity.
Na represents death and change
Ma is rebirth

SA TA NA MA is said to help not only ground and lead towards transformation but can be used to break bad habits and addictions because it strongly effects the subconscious mind.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Movies: Witchcraft

So Halloween is my favorite time of the year, and because of that I thought I would get a jump start on some Halloween blogging including lists of favorite Halloween witchiness including movies, books and more.

My Favorite Witchy Halloween Movies include:

Hocus Pocus - very cute and the soundtrack is full of campy fun ^_^

The Craft - loved this movie since I was twelve and trying to bespell my black lipstick from being seen and thrown away by my parents.

Halloweentown - this is also one of Damon's favorites and he'll watch it every time its on TV without fail.

The Witches - Raold Dahl movie I've liked since I was a kid

The Witches of Eastwick - the book was terrible and gave the impression that women are either virgin goddesses or sluts...or so I thought, but the movie is hilarious and one of my favorites with Cher.

Teen Witch - another hokey teen movie complete with dance numbers but cute all the same and another of Damon's guilty favorites.

Practical Magic - of course!

The Worst Witch - I somehow sympathize and am jealous at the same time o.o

And all of the Harry Potter movies ^_^ I love going to Harry Potter Halloween Parties as Bellatrix Lestrange.

This year I also plan to watch:

Season of the Witch
Bell Book and Candle
Both Wicker Man movies back to back and decide which one I like best o.o
The Worst Witch series
and all the Hallmark, Family Channel, Disney etc Halloween series of movies and shows that will be played next month! Green make-up not included...wish me luck!

Halloween Tea Party

I will be attending Frosted Petunia's Hallween Tea Party blog event this coming month along with my many other Halloween events I have planned. I plan to get some witchy friends together, complete with glorious witch hats, for a picnic style tea party if the weather allows. The menu will includ Witch's Brew tea, scones, cookies and more ^_^ Frosted Petunias Thanks to Frosted Petunia for another excuse to party it up! Will you be joining the party, dear reader?


I know, I'm lame. Sorry for the month + of no blog or word from me. There's no excuse for it, I know, dear reader.

In order to play catch up and make ammends...I'm going to let you in on a little secret!

I am looking into starting my own business! Now, its not going to be terribly huge and I'm not quitting my day job, but, it should be fun, yes?

What am I doing?
Selling small spell kits and zodiac kits online. I haven't decided whether I'm going to use Ebay, Etsy, Poppyswap or WitchMarket yet, I'm still comparing notes. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment them ^_^
I'm also starting to push my card readings more and offering them for Halloween parties and the like.

So not the cats out of the bag. I'll let you know when the shop goes live and where...for now, back to blogging.