Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bad Economy Bloggery

So, I work in Short Sales, which means every day I go to the office, to my little cubicle, I log into a phone, sip my tea and I talk to people who are looking for alternatives to foreclosure. Sometimes  can help these people with short sale of their homes, other times I have to tell them, unfortunately, that they will lose their home and there is nothing to be done about it.
I work very hard at not getting trapped n the guilt and shame and anger that comes with this job and focus on trying my best to help people and moving on if I cannot.

That being said...there are a few Pagans on YouTube who have done videos in regards to foreclosure, bad economy, etc. I thought  would share a few here:

I love Madame Dubois and her Real Witches of Orange County Videos and she did a very genuine video about foreclosure here:

Mrs. Fiendish Bat has a few political, economical, talking videos on her channel but I wanted to share her Get a Job Spell for those of you interested in prosperity magick:

And of course a Witch Bottle ^_^

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