Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

So yes, I have made some resolutions.

I want to be healthier, more in-tune with my body.
I just joined a local and online group that combines some lifestyle changes, Raw Foods Dieting and exercise of your choice.
I'll be going on a 3-day fast starting January 1st, including a colon cleanse. I will go from there on a 50% Raw Diet and eliminating processed sugar and starches.
I will also be walking 2 miles a day at least and doing yoga again.

Wish me luck!
What are your new years resolutions?

Experiment in Intention

I read in The Secret  Life of Plants about an experiment done by Marcel Vogel and Vivian Wiley that involved picking leaves off of plants (2 or 3) and ignoring 1 leave and every day willing the other to continue living. It worked. The ignored leaf withered up and died and the other not only stayed fresh and vibrant but he wound created on the stem upon picking healed!
I'm doing an experiment with the ivy growing in the house along the walls of the kitchen and dining area. I watered them today and charged the water with the intent to Grow and Thrive. I also meditated under the ivy pots with the same intent like a mantra. I will make this my experiment for the next week or so and see if there's any change in the ivy.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Altar

I'm about to rearrange my room and therefore my altar (I'm relocating the table its on and putting the altar on something else) So I wanted to post what it looks like right now before I move it.

Photo of my Great-grandmother and myself, wooden Ganesh statue, various stones and crystals, small Traveling Buddha, Ganesh pendant, pentacle pendant, and an offering of Yerba Mate tea to Ganesh

added: vase of every rose my husband has ever given me, my glasses for a sight blessing; also put my yerba mate offering in a small satchet