Monday, June 20, 2011

Viewing the Dead

I’ve seen ghosts. It’s not really that big of a deal. Almost everyone I know has seen one at some point in their life. So when I saw the ghosts of my dead relatives at a young age and on up, usually just after their death or during a time of hardship, I wasn’t afraid.

My fear might have also been stopped by the caring presence of the ghosts I saw at a young age. My grandfather is a constant presence for my. He comes every time my grandmother has a hardship (i.e. a death in the family, one of her 4 heart attacks, etc). His appearance is younger than when he died and always the aura is full of love. I am never afraid of him.

My second encounter was my uncle, just after his death. His presence was reassuring because of some bad feelings during the time he was dying over the four months in the hospital. Again, I wasn’t afraid.

However, I have recently seen a ghost who has shown me that not all appearances are loving and reassuring. The other day I joined my husband up to help out at a relatives house, taking care of her animals while she was gone. It is common knowledge in the family that her house is haunted by another relative who killed herself in the house. While waiting outside the car, I happened a glance up at the house and saw a woman in the window staring down at me and my husband. It scared me. I felt a tightening in my chest and throat and a strange sense that she did not want us there at all.

This was my first encounter with a malicious spirit. I brought the encounter up with my mother-in-law who told me various stories about how this woman has haunted most of the family in stages but is now kept up at the house. She has attempted to kill people in their sleep, poured nail polish over kitchen floors, cussed up a storm loud enough for all to hear, and so on. Most people have seen her at one point or another.

Strangely, the one person I would have liked to have seen after their death was a close aunt of mine. She and I are very similar according to my family. We both are creative, making jewelry and other crafts and we both were herbalists. After she died a little over a year ago, I hoped to just have a simple, reassuring glimpse of her. But never did. Strange how that works out.

I feel like seeing ghosts helps me out with my fear of dying. Its proof to me that there is life after death and that you’re not gone. I’m not claiming I know what happened after we die, or how ghosts contact us. I just feel reassured by their presence, even if they’re malicious.