Friday, July 20, 2012

O is for Ouija

I have never used an ouija board!
I know, I know, isn't that something every witch in the world (or at least western world) has used? Am I just that lame?

Well, when I was younger, young teens about, I wanted to use an ouija board and even asked my mom for one to use for slumber parties and whatnot. It seemed perfectly harmless as it was sold right next to Scrabble and cards in the toy section of the store. Mom was completely against it and later on, when she felt I was ready, she told me why.

When mom was in the military and traveling around a lot without me, she and her then roommate tried out the ouija board. The spirit answered all their questions but mom was sure that her roommate was moving the planchette. To prove to mom that she wasn't the roommate told her to ask a question only she knew the answer to. So mom asked what her father's name was - my grandfather died when mom was 14 years old and she doesn't talk about him hardly ever so her roommate wouldn't know his name.
Slowly, the planchette moved and spelled out my grandfather's name - Walter. Mom got so scared, she threw the planchette against the wall and hasn't touched one since. I have a feeling that more than that happened and mom simply isn't telling me.

Damon has used ouija boards and so has his mother - at one point his mom threw all of the boards in the house (about 3 of them total I'm told) out. I'm thinking she got a weird visitor or some bad news.

My belief about these boards is that the people asking questions of the spirits doesn't know who they're talking to and just because something is a spirit doesn't mean that they don't lie - they do. You could be talking to a dead relative...or something pretending to be one. I just recommend anyone using them to be careful, trust your gut instincts - if something feels wrong, it usually is.