Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Le Mysterieux Carnival

I'm late in the game but this was too much fun to pass up. I already have an idea for my ticket! As for the booth, that will take some thinking...hmm

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Familiar Etsy Treasury

In honor of my new cat, Aleister, I made an Etsy Treasury that any Witch ready for Halloween should enjoy.

The Witch's Familiar treasury list

Includes everything from jewelry to signage to candle holders from Etsy artists


Familiar Familiars

For those of you who do not know, moving to Alaska was a very difficult process for my husband and myself. Not only did we sell almost everything we had to afford the move, uprooted and went to a place we had never been before in our lives, but on top of this we had to give away our beloved cat, Halloween.

Halloween was very special to us. Not only was she an amazing furry companion but she was also my husband's familiar.
He's been grieving her, even though she hasn't passed and is living with a friend, chasing mice and content, and has mentioned a few times that he would like another cat.

We since discussed getting a pet rabbit instead. A friend of ours has a yard overrun with rabbits, the multitudinous prodigy of 2 rabbits of a previous renter. She saved on from an owl and it has since been dubbed Owl Bait and is now a house rabbit.

However, while looking at free furniture and other things on Craigslist, my husband came across an ad
Free Cat to Good Home. He couldn't resist and took a peek. The owners were moving away the very next day and it was either find a home ASAP or poor "Kit Kat" would have to go to the shelter.
The cat came with his own litter box and feeding bowls. Is 5 months old and hasn't had his shots or been neutered yet.

I sighed, looked at the calender and nodded. It was this time three years ago that Halloween came into our lives and hearts. It seemed fated and the situation was so much like our previous one I agreed.

We are now the owners of a long haired gray and white tom cat we have renamed Aleister.

I made the mistake of giving him catnip last night, to aid with the transition and he kept me up the rest of the night with snuggles. I ended up having to hide my hands from the pettings in order to get any rest. Hubby slept the night through with no notice that anything was different.
He has also proved to be an energy sync and has since tried to tear down and snuggle the objects on my altar, my tarot cards and anything else with any residual energy from magical working.

Welcome to the family Aleister
Pictures to come as soon as I have access to a camera.