Thursday, July 16, 2009

Witch's Flying Ointment

Witch's Flying Ointment is a historical spell that might have been used for trances and astral projection or could just be a speculated potion. Many of the ingredients are poisonous, this is not to be used on skin, near eyes, inhaled, or consumed.

Witch's Flying Ointment
250 grams Indian Hemp (or it's cousin dog bane)
50 g Opium
50 g Betel
15 g Belladonna
15 g Hemlock
15 g Henbane
6 g Cinquefoil
5 g Cantharidin
3 g Annamthol

Other herbs used:
Aconite, Mandrogora, Foxglove, Calamus, Datura, Smallage, Saffron, Poplar, Hashish/Marijuana, Tobacco, Hellebore, Briony, Mugwort, Thistle, Skullcap, Hazelwort, Toadflax, Benzoin, Vervain, Sandalwood, Morning Glory, Sunflower, and Basil.

Looking at the ingredients used, a meditative or astral incense could be made up of the less harmful herbs (saffron, poplar, thistle, sandalwood, sunflower, basil, etc).