Friday, August 17, 2012

Q is for Queen

Queen of Heaven
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Wands...Swords...Cups...Coins
Witch Queen
So many terms and titles come to mind when I think of Queen.

A Queen is a strong feminine figure in the minds of many. She can hold all the faces of the Goddess from the Virgin Queen Elizabeth to the Motherly Princess Diana (not a Queen get my point) to the Dark Blood Queen Mary to the elderly Queen Elizabeth II of modern England (and that's just encompassing England in the fairly recent history).
There is also the Goddess herself. The Queen of Heaven.
When I was young I felt like the Queen of Heaven or Bride of Christ was a feature character of the Bible and was at the same time Eve, Mary, Mary Magdalene, The Harlot and the Woman clothed in the sun and crowned by the stars. I thought this as a child probably due to the idea that a book had the same character throughout. Now that I am older, this idea still rings true in a different way.
All women hold that Goddess spark that is the Queen of Heaven.
In some mythos the Queen of Heaven in Asia is actually the mother of King Solomon, Bathsheba, who traveled out of Israel to China and carried with her Solomon's wisdom.
In other beliefs, this is simply another name for the goddesses Isis, Inanna, Artemis, Juno, etc.

The Witch Queen is a term for a High Priestess whose coven has spawned at least 2 other covens. She is the head priestess to which other high priestesses defer. Her symbol is a tri-moon crown or a necklace of amber winged by jet.

And then there is the Queen of Wands. This is my tarot card. This has come up again and again as my significator. I've even heard of other people receiving readings and the Queen of Wands will come up and the reader will say "this is a person in your life" and they respond either aloud or silently that this was me - they simply felt it.
She has spoken to me often in her familial strength, her grounded nature. She has so many attributes that I look forward to building and nurturing in my own life and have taken her on as a totem.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Polyamory Pagan

I am a Pagan and I'm Polyamorous.

For many these two things have nothing to do with each other but for me I find they are inter-connected.
My religious beliefs and personal faith allows me to be happy with my relationship choices.

A book I recommend is Pagan Polyamory: Becoming a Tribe of Hearts by Raven Kaldera. Kaldera states in his book (specifically when citing an article on polyamory by Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart) that the term polyamory came out of the pagan community and thus the two groups of people, polyamorists and pagans, are indeed connected at least in that way.