Monday, April 20, 2009

Vibrations, 2012, and Dragons

Sunday I attended the Coptic Conference with a group of friends and Night. While the Conference is from Friday through Sunday I had to miss the first two days due to the fact that I didn’t know about the conference until it was too late to plan for days off and save money for a weekend-long event.

The Coptic Conference: How to Recognize Your Personal Power in a Changing World is presented by Coptic Fellowship International and the Tri-Cities Metaphysical Study Group. It was held at the Holiday Inn in Johnson City.
The conference has psychic readers and intuitives like Ethel Crites, Kim Crowe, and Evelina Everidge, as well as speakers, and a wonderful bookstore.

I was not able to see any of the readers (though I am told that Kim Crowe and Ethel Crites were both quite excellent) since I was late on learning about the conference. I did get to sit on three lectures Sunday.

The first lecture I attended I was late because we were checking out the bookstore (I’ll get to that loveliness in a bit).
Paul Rademacher, author of A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe: Travel Tips for the Spiritually Perplexed, gave his lecture: Hitchhiking to Wonder – Spirituality, Consciousness, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Paul is an ex-minister of the Presbyterian church. He decided to obtain his Masters of Divinity after having a near-death/out of body experience while working in construction. It was during his time as a minister that Paul found a book written by Robert Munroe and found that he was not alone in his experience. Slowly he studied Munroe and was later invited to work at the Munroe Institute.
Favorite parts of the lecture:
He was hilarious. Something I won’t forget is him calling Presbyterians the “Frozen Chosen.”
In his studies he actually invited a few of his church to participate in some of the Munroe tape studies. O.O

After a small break, and our group rejoining (one of my friends had a reading by Cheryl Berry) we attended a second lecture, one I was a lil’ skeptical of at first due to the words Intuitive Healer. I am a firm believer in medicine and would not, under other circumstances, put myself in a situation where my health might be in some unprofessional’s hands.

Patti Conklin is a Medical Intuitive and is able to pull disease out of the body. I have had a few people I know be healed by her and their accounts are…well, nothing short of miraculous. In order to cleanse herself of the diseases she pulls out during healings Patti will spend entire nights vomiting and having diarrhea. She assured us that she is not in pain and that her 6 out of 7 nights of doing this is perfectly natural. She does not want anyone to worry about her. She is also the author of Healing Within.

Her lecture: Don’t Wish Life, Live Life – What Kind of Existence is in our Future?
Patti shared with us that she normally does not have prophetic dreams but on Easter she will usually have dreams about what will come in the future.
She told us that by July the economic crisis would be over with, that there would be mass relationship upheaval, and that something would happen from 4/20 to 4/22 (but I think this might be personal for her).
Patti explains that Communication has changed. That words and judgment has made us dense to vibrational frequency. She explained that the Universe is made up of harmonic tones (sound and color). She also explains that the body is made up of right and left hemisphere and that illness is caused by emotional cores within our cells. When we feel anger (whether or not we act upon it) it will deposit and record in our body. In order to be healthy we have to change the way we think.

After sharing all this with us she asked a few questions about her healing then began to let us experience her raised frequency (her frequency I guess can be translated as energy, how powerful her aura, herself is). Normally we all, according to Patti, function on a 28-35 level. She can and is comfortable at an 80.
As she raised her level gradually she asked what we were experiencing. Many had heightened sight of aura, saw Patti looking younger, and generally felt good. I, on the other hand, had a headache, felt alternatively hot and freezing, was about to vomit, wanted to cry, and felt pressure on my chest that was almost unbearable.
When it was over I rested my head on the chair in front of me and tried to ground myself. It was…horrible. My friends assured me that I was ok and that it either meant that there was far too much energy in the room and my having only been there that one day while everyone else had been there all weekend may mean I was more sensitive or that I had had an illness that Patti pulled out of me.

I ask that if anyone decided to raise their frequency around me, please give me warning to go into another room.
SHIT: Spiritual Human In Transition
FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
FEAR: Forgetting Every Available Resource

The last lecture of the weekend/day was by acclaimed author and new age celebrity: Richard Sutphen. Dick has worked for some time on prohypnosis, past life regression, etc. He has written a few books, the most recent of which (and one that a friend of mine is letting me borrow when she’s done) is Soul Agreement.
His lecture: The Shift – December 21, 2012

Dick started out by telling us what to expect, as we get closer to Dec. 21, 2012. First, he does not think that everything will just happen on Dec. 21 (which is kinda cool since I might be recuperating from birthday celebrations on the 20th).
The time of 2012 is called the Big Shift, Great Purification, Final Days of Misfortune, a Spiritual Awakening. We’re told to expect a Pole Shift, Global Warming, a new Ice Age.
Dick informed us that we are all here, born in this time to live through 2012 when the Big Shift occurs. He explains that we chose this because through experiencing the Big Shift this will cause us to move forward a number of past lives (one author says 1000).
He informed us that the Earth’s vibrational rate is increasing. The rotation rate is also increasing, we are now living 16 hr days. Life and lives are going faster.
He went on to explain how native peoples around the world all are watching for 2012. IN Austrailia they expect Purification and a Back to the land thinking in the world. He also explained the Hopi prophecy and how they have changed from talking about the coming hour to “This is the Hour” and that it is a time of great purification.
The Big Shift will be made up of Purification, then Transformation, then Renewal.
Dick suggests a sort of enlightenment and reconnection psychically, a 4th dimension (where we now live in the 3rd and the 5th is made up of pure love).

There will be hard times though.
Scientists predict 50 million driven from their homes by weather every year.
The Earth’s alignments will shift.
People will die.

Dick led us all into a hypnosis/guided meditation where we projected forward in time to 2012.
We contacted out spirit guides and asked to be shown 6 things.
What should I be doing in the economic crisis?
Where should I be in 2012 (physical location)?
What should my career be?
Show me New York at 2012
Show me London at 2012
Show me my home at 2012

When it was over he asked people to share what they saw in New York. Many saw chaos, people rioting (lack of good term) in Central park, destruction of buildings, the subways being flooded, the sky a mix of red and yellow.
Then he asked about London. Again people saw destruction, but there was disagreement on whether it was equal or better or worse for the people there. A lot of people saw flooding or even ice (or were cold).
When asked to go back to their home many saw Appalachia as doing a lot better off.
I left shortly after because the lecture ran a lot longer than scheduled and a friend had to go to work.
He asks that we check out the book “The Vanishing Face of Gaia.”

Other than the lectures and all that deep stuff there was the AMAZING BOOKSTORE!
Some of the booths were run by people from Atlantis in Johnson City, The Glass Dove (Janet Vancil), Elain Watson, used and new book sellers, some of the lecturers, and many artists.
There was one artist whose email and name I have lost and would love to get back in contact with her. Her artwork: shadow boxes of beautiful sculptures, including one called Metamorphoses that I absolutely loved (it was a female sculpture with green, leaf-like wings and an eternity symbol above her head). I almost cried when I looked at it though I know that sounds silly.
There was one booth that was selling stones and fetishes. I asked if they had a dragon fetish and all three of them went to work looking for it. After a lil while it seemed they would not find it at all and I told them not to worry about it and made to leave. Just a few steps and all three women called after me to wait (which was a lil embarrassing since a lot of people turned to look at me). They had found the piece hiding under a larger stone. It’s a goldstone dragon about the size of my palm and absolutely beautiful. I currently have sitting here next to me.
The Glass Dove sold stained glass pendants that were beautiful (especially the green and gold leaves). The one I bought, though a lil too pricey, was a purple glass piece, etched in silver, and encased in copper. The etching is of a Indian style hand that almost looked Hennaed. I put it on a copper chain when I got home.
I also bought a dragon poison necklace from a booth set up by a shop from Greeneville (I really wish I could remember the names of these places).
If I had had more money I probably would have bought a lot more. There were medicine wants, pendulums, stones, books, fairies, pamphlets, cds, and on and on.

I’ll definitely save up for next year, maybe buy a session and do some past life regression or something.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Where is Henna Magick?

So I've been interested in researching how Henna has been used in magick and ritual but I haven't been able to find any books or sites or anything on the subject.
My first reaction is...well if I can't find any books, why not make one instead. (make anyone think of the Grinch much?)
If you can find rites, spels, workings that use Henna I would appreciate the aid.
Also, if you would like to help out, come get some henna tats or if you are working a rite and think a henna tat would help then give me a hollar.
Thanks and Blessings,