Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pagan Prompts: Familiars

I have a cat who could be considered a shared familiar between myself and Damon. Her name is Halloween – due to the day we found her and her calico coloring of pumpkin orange, midnight black, and ghost white with moth green eyes.

Halloween talks to us in a way I’ve never seen of another cat (we have 2 others that are very intelligent but not quite at this level) and I’ve also done guided meditations with her – and she was the guide!

Halloween’s astral form varies from looking like herself now, to a larger white cat, to a human form that is tall, white and blonde. The same thing about all these forms is her eyes, the same luna moth color. The feel of her astral projection is both feral and protective, as if she would kill any ill meaning interloper on our journey.

On the down side, Halloween insists on being a part of all of our magickal activities and will yowl and scratch at the door of our bedroom during private meditations. She also in a bit of an energy hog and will snuggle everything from spread tarot cards to crystals laying in the lunar light.

She is also our surrogate fur-kid, especially for Damon. I believe if anything happened to that cat, he would be just as devastated as someone who had a hurt or lost child. 

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Connie Mitan said...

Thanks for sharing about your cat! Wish I could have one...