Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Notes from my journal: Compatibility & Astrology

Compatibility and Astrology

A topic I find abundant in magical writing is relationships and compatibility. There are tons of books on the shelf in the New Age section of the book store that all deal with Astrology and relationships. Most of them give descriptions of the personalities attributed to each sign and then explain what two or three signs your sign is compatible with then go on to say what kind of dates, gifts or sex lives you’ll have together.
I find these books a little silly and beyond fallible.
Let me give you an example:

I am a Sagittarius and my Chinese Zodiac is an Earth Dragon.
My husband is a Pisces who’s Chinese Zodiac is a Water Ox.

According to almost every sing book I’ve read we are as incompatible as night and day and should, in all likelihood, be on the verge of such dislike as to hate each other.
Sagittarians are tactless and firey with little patience for dreamy and inconsistent Pisces who often will leave a meeting with Sag with their feelings hurt and self-esteem trampled.
Dragons view Oxen as fuel for their fire. They have little time for the Ox’s stubborn, slow behavior and homey ways.

Earth and Fire ME has very little in common with Air and Water Hubby.

Even our Prakriti – our Ayurvedic personality and body types – conflict. I’m Kapha – soft with a healthy yet slow metabolism – while my hubs is a Pita – hot and acidic with a high metabolism and the need to consume.

Yet, out mixture of conflicting elements and star alignments allow us to balance each other out so well that not only do we get along but we love each other passionately. I find the Water in my husband’s personality cools my firey nature and the Earth in my nature as well as my Sagittarian need to plan help ground my husband’s Airy and dreamy nature.

The issue with these blanket statements in astrology books about what sign goes best with what other signs is just that – they are blanket statements. No person is a perfect Sagittarius. There are many varieties – a moon sign grounding them, they were born on the cusp of Scorpio or Capricorn, etc. This all effects the personality just as much as the sun sign.

Another thing many people don’t take into account is that there are multiple types of astrology. There’s Western, Chinese and Mayan. There are also different traditions of astrology. Western Astrology with the Zodiacs from Aries to Pisces also has a modern very with the Ophyn sign, which can change one person’s sign to a completely different one.

For example, my husband and I are completely incompatible according to Western and Chinese astrology but according to Mayan Astrology we’re perfect complements. I am a White World-Bringer and my hubs is a Red Skywalker and according to our Mayan astrology readings we not only complement each other but also bring balance to each other’s lives.

So, before you start comparing Zodiac signs of perspective dates, remember there’s more to the realm of compatibility than a paragraph in a book for $12.95 at the New Age book store. 

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