Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bubble Bubble Boil and...

This witch is cooking up some the bathroom?

I'm getting ready for th ebig move from TN to Alaska next week (Tuesday to be precise) and today I'm making all the organic hygeine products I will need for 1-2 months.
 My shampoo. I'm actually making it in a plastic container, this pic is from the last batch I made and I'm using it because the bottle is prettier, lol.
My shampoo consists of 1/2 castille soap and 1/2 other liquid ingredients that consist of freshly brewed herbal tisane (usually a blend of chamomile, lavender and other calming scents as I love a good calming cleansing bath or shower), a few drops of tea tree essential oil, 1 capsule of Vitamin E oil and maybe a few drops of lavender eo...if I can find where I put it.
I'm making enough for me and some extra for Lady and a friend of sad to be leaving them for such a long times :(

This is my witch hazel and tea tree oil blend that I use for everything from bug bites to acne to piercings to...everything skin related excepting sun burns or burns (for that I use aloe and lavender eo).

I also prepared some unrefined organic coconut oil that I use instead of lotion form its HUGE gallon tub to a smaller container (and gave the rest to Lady as I can't take it over the boarder as it is a food product).
I will also be making a couple of bars of soap - I'm actually almost completely out of my organic soap base so...I'll prolly have to give it up for a lil while and use something like Dove - ew I know but cheaper than my base and something my mom-in-law is willing to buy for me without a fit about my 'hippy ways'. LOL

-takes a deeep breath-
So I'm packing like mad and having to step back now and then to relax and remind myself that this is an adventure. no one is making me do this. i am happy.
I've also been burning up as we keep hitting record highs right now and I've yet to prepare summer clothes to wear. So...I found a great way to relax and refresh
Spearmint tisane!

My husband's grandmother planted spearmint in her garden 4-5 years ago and every year it comes back with a vengeance to take over her flower beds (she didn't know that it did this when she bought it) so she says come and get it or I'm just gonna mow it down.
I of course grabbed a handful yesterday and thanked the Goddess for her bounty in my time of need ^_^

I hope everyone is having a blessed spring day!
Love and Light

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