Thursday, March 29, 2012

At the Beach

I'm on vacation at the beach in Jacksonville, NC!
We're going to be here 3 weeks before we move to Alaska and I'm sooooooo excited about the break. This should help relieve all the stress we've been suffering from this past 3-5 months.

During this time, in between walking along to sand, picking up shells and sharks teeth and sea glass, I'll be working on 2 e-books that I hope to have available on here and my Fairy blog. Its going to be a slow process though since both books require some research - not to mention that my capacity for working during vacation is low ^_^

In the mean time I'll be posting pictures and of course keeping up with Pagan Blog Project and Pagan Blog Prompts (though the recent one about spring cleanign doesn't pertain to me right now as we have no house to spring clean anymore lol).

Normally in bathrooms the graffiti is lewd rude and crude but this one at the book store had messages of inspiration!
Mushrooms! Took this pic before we left TN
Beautiful Atlantic - in the distance is some sort of ship called the Iwo Jima 
We Caught Crabs >.< Too bad I'm allergic to shell fish
Holey "Holy" Stone I found on the beach - how auspicious!

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