Tuesday, March 6, 2012

E is for Eclectic

Here it goes, my first post for The Pagan Blog Project 2012

Eclectic Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism – Eclectic practice is something that can be a big debate in different part s of the Pagan community.  Some feel that being eclectic opens you up to a whole world of ideas and tools that with the more narrow view of a specific tradition just isn’t available.  Yet others feel that being eclectic equates to a practice that is lacking in structure and commitment to anything.  Are you eclectic?  What are your thoughts on eclectic vs. traditional practice and how do you feel eclectic work benefits you if that’s the path you follow?

I am an eclectic witch. 
I combine my beliefs in witchcraft (hedge witchery to be specific) with my beliefs in Kabbalah and Buddhism.
 As far as my life is concerned, these all go hand in and hand. 
Witchcraft is something I do. 
Kabbalah is my religion. 
Buddhism is my philosophy towards mankind. 

I do see the lure of a traditional path. The set beliefs, rules, guidelines as well as the community of other believers is a comforting ideal. However, when I followed traditional paths in the past, I felt too caught up in the regulation of this is what I was allowed to believe in and this is 'crossing the line'. I was too caught up in staying in the lines that I missed the important part of faith. 
When I stepped outside of the traditional box, I was free to make up my own mind. There was a time that I missed having peers who shared my beliefs completely but I've moved beyond that and now enjoy peers who share ideas with me if not steadfast beliefs. 

When I did step out, i came under some persecution. I was said to be flaky and unstable because I would only take what I liked and leave out whatever I didn't want to adhere to (very similar to a preacher saying that sinners take from the Bible what they felt justified their lifestyle and ignoring a Commandment). At first I was offended but then I agreed. 
Yes, I was taking what I liked and agreed with in a belief and leaving out what I didn't like. I took the idea of a code of ethics from Wiccan (the three-fold law) AND Christianity (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) as well as the concept of the Wiccan Rede that all things done in love and pleasure are the rites of the Goddess and left behind the hypocritical Dogma, the set-in-stone deities and the hierarchy. 

Now, I believe that whatever is based in unconditional love and compassion is true. This goes for any traditional, non-traditional or eclectic belief. 
I believe that Deity is a Universal Energy and that our purpose in life is to evolve and become like it - pure love and light. 

I'm not sure if this response to the prompt was what the creator of Pagan Blog Project had in mind but there you have it. I am an Eclectic witch and that is my path. 


Jezerae said...

That is what I do I mix aspects of Christianity and Wiccan. I haven't been doing it long though since I am just starting my path. Though I also don't see anything wrong with it.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm eclectic all the way to my witchy boots. If it's good, powerful and helps me be better at helping me and others, I'll use it. Goodness has no color, tradition or creed, does it?

Also, I think Eclectic Witches have more fun ;-)