Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Leaving Witchbook

I'm leaving
You might have noticed, if you read my blog often, that I was super excited about joining Witchbook as I love being part of a community of like minded people. I even posted a banner for them at the bottom of my blog when I joined so as to promote them.

I'm now leaving because as my husband was reading a post about Human Spammers by Digital Magick I read something that disturbed me somewhat:

"I have access to the database, and it's a rather obvious spike in one (rather 3) of my spam-catcher graphs, when a single user sends out 100 messages in under an hour.  (Legit members fear not!  If I do suspect something with your mail, I'll peek at a couple of messages, and if they don't look spammy, I stop looking, forget what I read, delete it from my brain, and get drunk to ensure the deletion took. Your privacy is safe with me)."

Sorry Digi but I don't care how drunk you get, my personal messages are not for your perusal because you think I MIGHT be spamming. How lame of an excuse. I totally understand if someone reports an email for the so-called "lead geek" to look at the reported e-mail but not to go through anyone's e-mail for what I consider illegitimate reasons. Whats to keep Digital Magick or any of the admins of looking at the personal messages of anyone and posting them somewhere just for shits and giggles?

His excuse is lame, the statement of getting drunk to forget the pm is I'm leaving rather than ignore something as irritating and ridiculous as this.

Perhaps I should just stick with Witchvox...

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Anonymous said...

You do realize that witchbook only has one admin, and he also develops the site. Developers MUST be able to look at the database their site is written upon. And I believe his drunk comment was meant to be silly, not an excuse.

As for spammers, he says he would only look if he was given reason to suspect spam, like if you send out over 100 messages in over an hour, to different people... I mean facebook does that, I would think most sites foolish to not do that.