Monday, June 8, 2009

Blue Plum Festival

I have returned to Tennessee after a brief stint a little ways north of here with family (trust me, not as fun as it sounds).
Almost as soon as I return I am put to work.
For those of you local to the eastern part of Tennessee (or the western part of North Carolina) you'll have passed through Johnson City (surely...I hope). I work in a little shop on Main street where I have created my new family.
Night, my life-partner, is the chef here, I'm a barrista/tarot trainee/henna artist, and the owner, June, is...well she does a lil bit of everything.

Blue Plum was last weekend. From what I understand, the festival is based on the founder of Johnson City, a Mr. Plum? Theres vendors, food, music, and on and on.
Unique Treasures opened a booth in front of the store featuring $1 one card tarot readings, $5 henna tattoos from the Henna Dragon, local artwork, and Lapis Rose, the wood burning fairy. We had everything from fairy wing t-shirts and woodburned tarot boxes to Coca-Cola and handmade quilts (all of which is still available at the store). Inside the store we served food and iced coffees while people sat around trying to cool off.
The tarot and henna were a hit! I'm training and can read one card pulls with only a little bit of stumbling around. As for henna tatooing, there were times that i had one right after another and thought my hand would fall off.
June and Night had quite a few full spread readings at $20 all of which may result in regular returning customers.
All the business we gained form one card pulls has led us to plan on setting up tabels every weekend for $1 one card readings after 7 o'clock.

Now that Blue Plum is over its strange to not wake up and be busy almost as soon as we open. I kinda miss the rushes and being able to just sit outside and do tarot readings for most of the day.
Instead, my focus now is to work on planning events, sketching out ideas for a clothing line, and revising my henna portfolio.

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