Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coptic 2010 continued...

Now that I've gotten my moment of respect for the speakers out of the way, onto the Book Store and Networking Table!

This year, the wonderful people that put the conference together had the fabulous smarts to lengthen the networking table. Last year, every flyer was crammed into one small space to a point where some poor flyers got hidden. This year the whole back wall outside the main conference room was set aside for networking. There were flyers and sign up sheets and class calendars, and even a book.

Answers from Above: a handbook for the new millennium
Alan and Pamela Fass put together channeled conversations with Angels/Spirit Guides Asmuth and Shamani in order to answer the questions about everything from why do we have fear where to souls go after death to how to find the path to enlightenment and can we conquer illness?
This book was given out, one per person, at the conference. What a gift!

The happiness did not stop there.

The book store was just as energizing, awe creating, and crowded as last year. Vendors, both local and national, gathered to create a colorful and inspiring market for the conference goers.

The Monroe Institute had a table, as expected with Paul Rademacher present. There, Hemi-Sync displayed its catalog and gave out free samples and explanations of the Hemi-Sync program and how it works to cause your right and brain hemispheres to work together. They also gave out a list of programs the Monroe Institute offers.

Violet Moon, a shop located in Greeneville, TN was present as its owner, Elaine Watson, was giving readings for the conference. They sold stones, jewelry (I bought a very nice dragon charm), feathers, and more. Laura, the table saleswoman, was very friendly and informative.

Johnson City's Atlantis shop was also present with everything from books to pendelums. Kay and Duffy are jewels themselves and always a joy to meet with.

Peace and Plenty
was also present again this year. Shannon Miller and her husband create fabulous oil mixtures out of their basement in Greeneville, TN. Each item sold is a little bit of power added to your arsenal, not to mention Shannon's extensive knowledge of application methods. They are also the heads of Greeneville's Healing Arts Fair, more information coming soon...

Other wares in this miniature of Marakesh are pendulums and dowsing techniques at Ramon Grace's booth, blessed epsom salts at Patti Conklin's table, charged crystals, Native American jewelry, discount books and CDs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, atwork that can give you chills, malas, and so much more. One could spend every break at the conference checking out this book store and not see all it has to offer.

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