Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coptic 2010: The Great Awakening

Coptic Fellowship International and the Tri-Cities Metaphysical Study Group presented the Annual Conference this year, April 16-18 at the Holiday Inn in Johnson City.

I attended the conference last year as a total n00b. In awe over the numbers of people that, like me, see the world a lil different then those I grew up among, I felt like I had found small bit of Heaven on Earth (complete with seraphim, Angelina ).

This year, like every year, the conference hosted amazing speakers from all over the nation.

Rainbow Eagle, Okla-Choctaw Native American author, opened the conference with a touching ceremony the called upon ancestors and elements with respect and gratitude. Rainbow Eagle later gave a lecture on How to Remain optimistic through 2012. His lecture included Native American prophecies about the coming shift including those of the Navajo, Hopi, and Seneca. All of such prophecies are more optimistic and positive than many Discovery Channel experts would have us believe. For more information, check out his new book, Ancient Roots of Christianity Revealed.

John Davis, director of Coptic Fellowship International and Spiritual Unity of Nations (S.U.N.), spoke on Belief, Desire and Expectancy. Davis is also a renown numerologist (having done over 11,000 personality profiles in the last 20 years). His lecture conveyed his expertise as he explained not only this year's numerological significance (sharing the same frequency as 1776-the signing of the constitution) but also 2008 when a major shift happened for many (including some people I am friends with) and 2012.
Some advise Davis gave that I feel compelled to share:
Honor thy father and mother for they were you children in a past life and you taught them what they know now.
Diet, meditate, and exercise. Develop Self-Mastery.

Raymon Grace, a man most of us knows as the dowsing expert, spoke on How to Pull the Trigger of Your Mind. Grace informed us on how in the past 11 years, he has seen a 500% increase in abilities in humans. We are becoming more powerful. He encouraged this with explaining about how everything is made of Energy which is impressed upon matter. He also spoke on how to "brain wash" yourself and prevent yourself from being brain washed by media.
One experiment he encouraged the audience t try was Water Programming.
Take a glass of water and focus your energy on it with the thought/words that you would like to happen. When drinking this water, the water molecules are invested with this thought and it joins with the body, aiding in making your desires possible.
Grace recommends empowering your water with Drawing to you the Best of all Possible Futures, Understandings Life's Purpose, and Repelling harmful energies.

I sadly missed Dr. Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas's lecture, Get Up and Get Going as well as Patrick Connelly's lecture, Reports from the Field - Green shoots of the Great Awakening, Dannion Brinkley's, 2012-Spiritual Infusion-Beginning of the New Awakening, and Paul Rademacher's Ordinary People, Extraordinary Perceptions and was assured I missed something spectacular.

Gisela Kroeger Hoffman, daughter of famed Homeopathist, Hanna Kroeger, gave an informative lecture called Dowse for the Hidden Causes of your Dis-Ease. She explained that Western medicine does not work because of 2 reasons; it is based on the idea that we cannot heal naturally and the medication we take is merely suppression of symptoms, not healing.
Disease and Healing are often related to Emotions and the Heart Chakra. By taking the essence of herbs and the like, we get the purest healing form.
She gave a few examples of homeopathic works done, each one with very simple treatments and the act of allowing the body to heal itself.
Some warnings Hoffman gave:
Floride, the same ingredient in toothpaste and many bottled baby waters, is the cause of many hormonal illnesses because it enamels the Pinneal gland which, along with being a connection with the Crown chakra and the Higher Self, is what controls the Pituitary glad and thus the Thyroid gland. Stop ingesting Floride, it is a poison. Use baking soda and/or natural toothpstes instead.
Do not drink sodas with aspertane (Coke, Coke zero, etc). It becomes formaldehyde in your system. It also calcifies the Pinneal gland.
Do not get a Flu shot! People who do are 40% likelier to have Alzheimer disease.
Get rid of toxins in the house, including (especially) house hold cleaners. These are poisons. Lemon juice, baking soda, and white vinegar work better.
Do not ingest white vinegar. It destroys the intestines. Only vinegar you should ingest is cider vinegar.
If you have copper pipes for your water. Let the water run 2 minutes before consuming. Protozoa form in copper tubing and when ingested eat at your bones.
Use your blue tooth, it transmits less EMF waves which cause Candida/mold.

Patti Conklin returned this year. Her lecture, Who Are You?, was much like that of last years but still as moving and emotional. Much of what she spoke on was that each person has a gift that they should develop, that no person is more or less important than any other person. She is truly a spiritual treasure.

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