Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My altar is set up, finally!
When we were living at the apartment, I have a 3 tiered altar in the eastern part of the main room. Now that we're with my in-laws, I have a smaller altar in our bedroom, trying to face as eastward as possible.

The base of the altar is a little besdide table my grandmother gave me. Its abotu a foot square around and 2 feet tall. There's a flat surface on tope, an open shelf beneath that and then a cupboard. Perfect.

On the table I have Ganesh, who I need now that we're starting new journeys and I need help with my business and finances. With him I have a few homemade supplies I sell for my business (including 1 votive beeswax candle, 1 4oz bottle of homemade shampoo, 1 bar of soap, 1 tin of lip balm), a quartz crystal, and an offering of yerba mate tea.

Om Gum Gana Patie Namaha

The shelf holds my almanacs and a deck of faery oracle cards by Froud.

The cupboard has incense, my witchy kit (a chesk of salt, oils, bell, chalace, and everything else I feel I need on hand), and a stone incense burner.

I feel so much more at home with the altar set up.

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