Friday, May 20, 2011


WOW! What a month I've had. Between family drama (I think Pluto is in retrograde?) and cleaning up and job junk, my partner and I have moved AGAIN!
We're back in East TN, from 8 months in Kentucky.

I have so much going on!

As we prepare for a few weeks with my in-laws and are looking for new jobs and a new home, I'll post a few basic witchy things about our move such as travel protection, a small altar for our room, and some other things going on magically.

I do want to post the books that I grabbed to have on hand as the rest of mine are packed up and stored.
They are: Llewellyn's Magical Almanac and Spell-a-Day almanac for 2011. I read daily forcast as it were for inspiration for my day. Sometimes they inspire me to do a spell, write a journal entry and maybe even a blog post! Totally recommend them.
I also grabbed my Prakriti (Ayurveda) book to keep my healthy lifestyle inspired and I plan to dig out my Cunninghams herbal encyclopedia in the next week as I'm doign quite a bit of herbal work right now.

Other things I have ready:
My altar in a box - 1 deck of basic tarot cards (small), 1 large quartz crystal, 1 mini chalice, 1 bottle of sea salt (try salt packets as well), 1 small bottle of olive oil, 2 small white candles (also try tea lights), 1 small altar cloth decorated with pentacle, 1 lighter, and a couple sticks or cones of incense.
I also have readily available a fairy statue/candle holder, my teeny medicine Buddha and my Ganesh statue. I recommend having whatever available that makes you feel connected to patron deities or the divine no matter how small.

We've only been back in TN for...about a week now. I still plan to check in at Dillys in Kingsport, Three of Cups, Atlantis and Caravan Mystique in Johnson City. There's also a few places I havent been yet that I want to check out (specifically a small local in Greeneville, TN). Just wanted to give my fav witchy spots a shout out!

P.S. Apparently I moved just in time for the End of the World on May 21 ^_^

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Adreama said...

Where did Three of Cups move to?