Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spiritual Housecleaning

I was reading the 2011 Llewellyn Almanac and enjoyed the article on Spairitual Housecleaning by Deborah Blake. Since my last couple of posts have been on spring cleaning and protection, I thought I would add a few suggestions from the article.

Blake, like many writers who broach the topic of adding spirituality to mundane acts, like house cleaning, explains that by doing so you add a bit of magick to your everyday life. I would also like to add, that by doing so, a witch can keep herself in the practice of raising and grounding energy and of keeping the area around her free of harmful and non-beneficial energies.

I liked how Blake wrote this article with all witches of all walks of life in mind, not just the ones who own their own home and live in an area that has easy access of nature and the land but also those who live in urban areas and apartments. By adding this and the alternatives to the cleansing such as walking around the inner rooms of an apartment or around the owned property, a witch doesn't feel hindered by his or her living arrangement.
Blake also gives the reader free reign on when she will be performing her magickal housecleaning, rather than encouraging the witch to perform the cleaning on a specific date such as Spring Equinox.

One of the things that Blake encourages doing when doing spiritual housecleaning is smudging, which I failed to mention in my last post. Sage smudging is a very powerful action that can be done when cleansing the home, sacred space, etc. My husband is a big believer in sage smudging and uses the smudge bundles whenever he does a healing whether its a personal one or on another person.
Blake starts out the instructions for spiritual housecleaning by opening the windows (or one window if its cold out) and smudging each room, starting at the room's boundaries. She adds that this can be followed by sprinkling salt and water along the room's boundaries.

I definitely encourage any witch to buy one of these Almanacs and reading the nifty little articles that can help add a little magick to everything you do.

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