Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Magick and Mundane

My mother is the world's biggest lover of lists. She has a list for just about everything whether its shopping, wish lists, to-do lists, book lists, etc. She has encouraged this habit in me so I've made a basic list of things I need to do in order to finish my spring cleaning.

If you decide to make a list yourself, you can actually add a lil magick to the mix by asking guides (whatever you please, including deities of the hearth and home or maybe some friendly house faeries) to bless this list as a sign of your intentions and give you aid and motivation to get the listed projects done. You can event add a few runs or sigils to the paper for added energy and motivation if you are like me and need that little kick to get going.

My partner, Night, and I have a very small apartment. It literally is a box and the bathroom has the only door, aside from the front entrance door. Everything else is in the same room including bedroom, sitting area and kitchen. So this is the cause of my organizational grief.

My first thing to do, before I start cleaning, is to put up all the clothes, take out all the trash, and clean all the dishes. Then, the fun starts, I get to go through everything, EVERYTHING, and pick out what I no longer want or need (and can reasonably part with) and put the mess in bags and boxes to take to Good Will or the dumpster.

The next thing to do is a thorough cleaning of the apartment. If you have a house, this will probably be taken a day at a time. I will vacuum, mop, wash, dust, and polish until I am worn out. Then I'll get my cleansing tools together. For me, this is usually sea salt, filtered water, a purple rag, and intention. You could also ad your besom as a cleansing and clearing magickal tool but as I do not have one, it is not on my list.

I will salt the corners of each area, banishing un-beneficial and bad energies (I no longer say negative after reading Penczaks' book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft) and protecting the home. Salting each corner is something I do just about every new moon or so for protection of the home and those in it. My cat usually follows each salting with a good investigative sniff and then a nod in my direction as if she approves.

I will also add salt to warm water and bless it with protection and cleansing. With the purple rag I will literally wash the walls and the tiled kitchen bathroom floors with the blessed water. I'd do the ceiling too but I can't reach and my partner doesn't feel its necessary.

With the same salt water or with a smaller bowl of higher salt concentration, I'll draw runes and sigils of protection over the front door and the window-sills, using my index and middle finger.

I will also burn incense and a mixture of tea tree oil and water in an oil burner to add to the protection and cleansing. Tea tree oil is not only a protective oil but also rids the area of molds, bacteria, fungus, and viruses. I also mix tea tree oil with alcohol or witch hazel and water and spray it around the bathroom to prevent fungus.

To end the day, I'll call upon my guardians, spirits, faeries, and deities to bless this home, those who live here, and all those who enter it with love in their hearts. I ask that they protect us and keep us. So Mote It Be.

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