Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Protection Charms

Just about every witch or practitioner I know has a charm or two for protection. Whether its in their cars, homes, purses or on their person.
I have 2 protection charms that are very prominent in my life: the evil eye in my car and the orgone accumulator on my t.v.

Evil Eyes are those blue disks with blue, white and black eyes painted on them. They are very popular in Southern Asia but can usually be bought at craft stores and new age shops. Evil Eyes are said to deflect any bad energy sent at you, whether intentional or not. This included anyone looking at you or your things covetously, cussing you when you accidentally pull in front of them, or a serious curse upon your well-being.

Orgone Accumulators are crystal and copper designs in special resins that work to turn EMFs and un-beneficial energies into beneficial ones. They work best when set in the area of your home that sets off the most micro-waves or EMFs. I would set it on our laptops but ours is the size of a fist and our laptops are constantly moving. So ours sits on the t.v. in the central area of our home.

I try and cleanse my protection charms about once a year. This is partly so the don't leave their intended space for long (and so I don't forget to put them back) and partly so that I'm not constantly handling them and changing their energy.

To cleanse them, I use a small white candle (usually a tea-light), tea tree oil and water in an oil burner and/or a preferred incense, sea salt and filtered water and a rag.
I usually draw a circle and ask my guides to watch over me and bless my actions but this is not normally a formal circle or calling the quarters. You may perform a formal circle if you wish.

With each charm, I'll wash it over with some sea salt and water. I visualize the grim of bad energies caked on their being scrubbed away to reveal the shining charm, almost like new. I then dry each one off and prepare to recharge them and cleanse them spiritually.
In order, I hold the charm above the flame (being careful not to burn myself) and charge the charm with the cleansing and protecting power of fire, which burns away the bad and lights the path. Above the incense and/or the burning oil I charge the charm with air's ability to clear the bad and breath new life or a breath of fresh air. With the clean water I recharge each charm with water's cleansing ability to wash away the bad and change the tides/energies for good. With the salt I ground each charm and charge it with the strength of earth to stand against bad energies like a protective shield or fortress.

I thank those energies that have helped me, ground the energy I have stirred up, and close the circle. I immediately put each charm back where it needs to be.

This small rite can also be done after a move since the charms are dealing with ricocheting energies.

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