Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 and a personal update

Ok...so I haven't posted much since the change of the year.
Yesterday was the Chinese New Year, entering the Year of the Water Dragon. I'll do a separate post about that one in a bit.

So far this year has been busy busy busy.

We're moving in April and are busy packing and selling what we don't need. Its a lot more work than expected.

In my love life, Damon and I are great. For those that don't know, we are polyamorous and have been looking to complete our family with a third person...sadly this has caused us a lot of agitation and heartbreak and continues to do so even today.

As far as my health goes...well its a little strange.
I am just coming off of my period...this is the second menses I've had this month! Now, I have hormone issues periodically so that's understandable but...I know of 4 other women who are also bleeding off and on all month when they normally don't. A friend said "the world is going to end with mass pms." While that is a joke it does make me wonder if the shift is causing our bodies to be confused.

I've had strange dreams as well.
One of which I was being attacked and had to help a woman, a goddess in human form, do a ritual to heal the planet. She ended up dying even as I completed the rite and tried to save her. Her blood was everywhere and the earth drank it in like a sponge.
Another, I was trying ot heal my husband with a mix of energy work, herbalism and strangely enough, Reik (I don't know anything about Reiki and only ever had 1 reiki session in my life).

I'm still taking my herbalism classes but there's this strange pull to make me go deeper into them. And I feel rushed, almost panicked sometimes.

I don't know what this year will bring but I expect big things.

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