Sunday, January 1, 2012

Diet and the Psyche

Happy New Year!

So I'm on Day 1 of my New Years Resolutions to release weight, live healthier and change my eating habits.
The First three days I will be fasting on liquids and give myself my very first enema (I know, TMI).

I had planned on walking today but it rained so I'm reading The Secret Life of Plants, the text book for the Herbalism certification I'm doing.

I posted on my fitness blog (warning, the reason I separated this blog is because it correlates with my BDSM lifestyle, so, if You're not comfortable with me talking freely about my may want to veer away from reading this blog or the one corresponding to the screen name) Slave Girl Figure, about something I read in this text about how one scientist believes that diet effects psychic research and how one rich in veggies, fruit and nuts is perfect for psychic findings.
See this post HERE

I look forward to seeing how my diet changes effect my spirituality and was wondering,
those of you who are vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan, how has that effected your spiritual and magickal practices?

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