Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Month, New Year, Updates for the Holidays

MM All,

Sorry I've been MIA. Yesterday I lost my job (well...they wouldn't let me work out my 2 weeks notice...) so there's been a lot going on. I'm currently looking for something I can use my skills in whether its my certification in bartending, my writing skills, or even my divinatory skills. I'm considering a candle spell for Thursday but I'll have to figure everything I'll need for it first...might have to be next week.

What else is going on...

Recap of Halloween/Samhain

Friday I hung out with some friends just talking about Halloween in general, having a few drinks, enjoying each other's company.
Saturday I went to a party at the local club with a bunch of friends, old and new, and my hubby. He was dressed as a Gangster and I was a witch.
Sunday was the Witch's Tea Party for my friend's birthday, pictures shown previously. We had so much fun just hanging out and eating. The dinner was very autumnal with apple stuffing and appled pork and roasted potatoes and brie...yum! And of course my cake was a show-stopper hahahaha

The next holiday for me is Thanksgiving. We're probably traveling this year, I'm not sure how its all going to work out between out spread out family. I think we're having one Thanksgiving at home with our relatives here and another one in Maryland with my father-in-law's family. I'm considering making a couple of healthy vegan or raw dishes for both events.

After that is the biggest holiday of the year...My Birthday! I'm havign a goth-lolita party at the local club. I'll be making myself a small pink and white layer cake and a bunch of matching pink-champagne cupcakes. I'm so excited!!!

Of course following my birthday, by a Day, is Yule and then Christmas. I celebrate both (hey, why not). For Yule I mostly eat drink and make merry (considering trying a mead this year or some dandelion wine).
For Christmas, to make Damon and I both feel more comfortable with decorations, we're following the same theme as last year - Tim Burton Christmas. We have a small black tree and Tim Burton decorations mixed with ornaments that look like candy and blue snowflakes as well as purple Christmas lights. I only buy 1 ornament a year and this year it will be a set of skeleton reindeer on Etsy that I find adorable ^_^

We also don't have children so thankfully we've not had to figure out what we're gonna tell them about the 2 different holidays or what they mean or any of that. Leave that worry and fight for another year...or two...or five lol.

Do you celebrate both Yule and Christmas? How do you compromise the beliefs?

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