Saturday, April 7, 2012

Attunements Part 2

In the next month or so I will be offering FREE Attunement manuals through my new Scribd account.
These attunements will be loaded periodically and only available for free for a limited amount of time so be sure to check back with me here at this blog regularly to receive these manuals.

All the manuals I am offering were given to me free by friends or loving people online. Some of them I am required to offer for free to at least one other person, others I was given with no requirement at all and still others I have paid for in some form of energy (money, favor, or otherwise) and am offering it to you, my reader, for free for a limited time.

You will see the download link to these free manuals to the right of this post, at the top ------>
These downloads are through the file manager Scribd and are PDF files, so be sure you have an updated version of Abobe reader or other PDF reader.

Much love to you dear leader and I can only hope these manuals help you in reaching your goals of becoming an enlightened loving light being!

Love and light,

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