Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reiki 1 Experiences

I recently self-attuned to Reiki 1 and it was quite an experience, but rather focus on what happened in the 7 or so minutes it took to receive the attunement from my Higher Self, I would like to tell you a little about what happened after that and why it has been such an important event for me.
After receiving Reiki 1 attunement I followed the exercises expressed in my Reiki Manual. One was for total self-healing. I practice this 14 minute Reiki healing every morning and feel amazing. The morning or two I didn't practice it, I certainly felt the difference.

I also Reiki specific issues I have such as my terrible gum dis-ease that I've had for many many years now and am very embarrassed about and have a lot of issues with. In 24 hours of my Reiki on my gums the swelling went down, the bleeding lessened, the redness went down. I was very much impressed. If I ever needed any proof that self-Reiki worked, this was it!
I've had painful cleanings, specialized toothpastes and toothbrushes, mouthwashes, etc all for my gum dis-ease but it wasn't until I did this simple 3 minute Reiki treatment on my gums that I saw results!

The next thing I did was a little more abstract in being able to see results.
I had to go and visit my mom to inform her that I was going to move to Alaska and was very stressed about it. My mother and I have a volatile relationship and my moving was going to cause conflict.
Two days before going I began to Reiki the Karmic Bond Between Myself and My Mother. I did this every evening for those 2 days and the morning as I was riding to my mother's town.

We met in public for lunch, I told her immediately about the move, and it went surprisingly well. Yes, she was very upset but we didn't fight, we didn't bicker or argue. I stated the reasons for the move, how we were moving, our plans once we got there. She was visually upset but didn't make any overly negative statements about my decision or my husband, who was decidedly not present. She merely made it clear she wasn't happy about it but she knew there wasn't much she could do to change my mind so she only wanted communication from me before, during and after the move.
Did my Reiki help?
I'd like to think so. The meeting certainly could have went worse.

So that is my experience so far.
Along with this little blog post I am also offering the manuals I used to receive my Reiki 1 attunement for FREE as the limited time attunement offering I'm doing for you, Dear Reader.
All the Manuals, along with the Order of the LightWorker's attunement manual, are available in the top right listing with downloadable links through Scribd.
Feel free to download them, share them freely, and use the information in them to help you along your path.

Love and Light,

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