Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Moon Time

Its that time of the month again and if you're a male reader who isn't comfortable with women talking about their menstruation...you should 1. get over it and 2. prolly ignore this post

I am writing about my period because I think it is a form of female magick that is ignored by so many women.
So often, a woman's period is called a Curse. What I think we need to consider is that a period is a very powerful time for women.

Back in times of tribal units and nomadic life and magickal shamanism, etc - the fact that women would bleed for 5-7 days without injury and they lived was a very magical and spiritual and mysterious process. This was celebrated and when girls started their periods they were put through a rite of passage to celebrate this and invite them into womanhood.

We don't see this in Modern Western culture today and its a shame. TOday we see it as a curse, as something painful to be supressed, as a process of punishment in the Christian idea of Eve and the serpent and the apple.
I say eat the apple, celebrate the knowledge and the womanly act of mestruating!

Don't dread the coming of Aunt Flo but accted GodMama Flow and embrace her and ask her to teach you more about what it means to be female.

Menstruation is a time to be still, look within, relax.
Grab a cup of red raspberry leaf tea with some valerian root or chamomile to relax those muscles. Meditate on Divine Feminine and how this part of life relates to that. Reflect on another month of the Childbearing Years that your fertility could be used on something else other than creating another human.
Release the pain of menses and with it any pain you have suffered physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually in the past month.
Celebrate yourself, your health, your blood, your body this time of the month.

Feminine Blessings Upon You

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