Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting Back to the Decks

So I am reading again and its been a such a relief, which I found most unexpected. By reading tarot, I open up my throat chakra - the one I have the hardest time with - and can speak my truth freely. I learn to slowly not let others prevent me from speaking or filter my words. I tell them what it is they need to hear from the cards and, from my belief, the higher self or the divine.

Starting to read the cards for more people lately and I'e seen my creativity blossom as well. Once I find the wood burning kit in storage I plan on making me a tarot reading sign for when I do festival type readings.

I thought I would share with you what decks I use and the spreads I am most comfortable with.

My primary deck, which is still AWOL at the moment is the Fantastical Tarot - out of print.
Fantastical Tarot High Priestess
This deck I bought used in Lexington, KY and fell in love with immediately. While many feel that the images are dark I feel they remind me of a perspective not so different from my own with a little dash of the movie Labyrinth thrown in.

The Jane Austen Tarot I've spoken about here a long time ago when I first bought the deck.
I have such a connection to this deck due to its literary nature - however, I feel that if someone has not read all of Jane's books they may feel a little lost in the imagery.

My last two decks are witch's tarot decks.
Not my favorite of decks but one that I get a lot of accuracy with and, for some reason, one of the more popular people's choice decks.

The Tarot Nova deck
This deck was my very first and it was given to me by my good friend Aconita and I will always treasure it because of that.
This deck is difficult for me to shuffle due to the thickness and squareness of the cards and thats one of the main reasons I don't use it much. The imagery is very simple - almost like an oracle deck in that it would be difficult to decipher the kabbalistic and kemetic meanings of the cards from the pictures. Mostly I just go on instinct with this one.

Update 4:06pm:
Forgot to add the spreads:

1 card question and answer usually yes or no question that I've thought about for a long time to ensure that the answer is specific

3 card past, present and future spread

Celtic cross using 10 cards for full explanation of the situation at hand

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