Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hunting and Magick

Its hunting season here in TN and my husband, as I type, is outside practicing shooting his bow. I was picking up a broken bow of the kitchen table earlier and thought, "This would make a decent wand." This led to many other ideas about how magick and hunting could easily be integrated.

A witch that hunts, or has loved ones that hunt, could do spells that vary from ensuring a kill to protecting the hunter to preventing bad weather.
While I haven't put that much thought into it, I did come up with what I feel are good ideas to integrate into hunting spells.

Use an arrow for a wand or athame.
Consider making camo print robes...could be cute if you go for that sort of thing, plus, they certainly call to the earthier side of magick.
Bless all the hunting clothes they will wear with both protection and health spells
Bless weapons with victory and protection (that they don't hit anyone else other than their intended target)
Blessing the kill after the hunt and giving thanks not only to the gods but also to the animal.

Gods and Goddesses of the Hunt that you can call upon in your spells include:

  • Artemis or Diana (especially for bow hunting)
  • Cernunnos (especially for deer hunting)
  • Skadi (especially for winter hunts)
  • Neith (Neit) (especially for bow hunting and Egyptian fans)
  • Herne (especially for protection on the hunt or night hunts)
  • Sarbanda (an assimilation of Ishtar)
  • Horus is also said to be an Egyption God of the hunt

What are your ideas? Do you hunt? Do you use magick while hunting or preparing to hunt?

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Self Portrait said...

Cool post. I don't really use magik to hunt or fish. When I make a kill or a catch, I thank the Animal for it's life, and I really try to harvest as much as I can from said creature. Especially bones and antlers. I'll light a candle thanking the Spirits, as well.

That's a great idea to use bow wood for a wand. I like that. Blessings. ~)O(~