Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tarot Readings Becoming More Accurate

So I have found, since coming back from my hiatus from reading, that my readings are not only becoming more accurate but that I'm starting to get time frames of when things are going to happen.

My last reading about my job was if I was going to take the leap of faith and get a new job I would have to do it immediately. I didn't and literally days later the new job was no longer available to me.
In a reading before that, I was focusing on whether or not to buy a new house and the cards told me that in a month's time the decision was going to be made for me. I forgot about this as the house we were looking at turned out to have black mold in the foundation. Today, I learned that we will be moving before the new year to a new state...more on that soon.
These are only a few examples...more are happening only they are with the readings I have done for friends and more personal and not appropriate for blogging...

Has anyone else felt a surge of accuracy or timeliness in their readings?
I wonder if its just me or the coming of 2012.
I am doing another reading regarding a very personal matter tonight that I may put up here after some further verification on Tuesday...that will make more sense when I'm able to explain, promise.

I am still technically on hiatus from blogging but I think I will be done with that on Wednesday. -crosses fingers-

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