Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kindle(ing) the love of a good book

I have a new (well new to me) Kindle!
I've been wanting one since they came out and now I have one!

So far I have just under 50 books (most of them classic novels) and all free. I'll be taking a few boxes of old fiction novels to the used book store and selling what I can and using that money to buy e-books of the same titles.
We tend to move pretty frequently for one reason or another and Damon isn't too keen on lugging around boxes of heavy books. I wont, however, be selling my rare or antique books or my metaphysical books for reasons I feel are obvious.

I have been looking at the free books available on amazon and have found quite a few on witchcraft including anthropological looks on witchcraft, texts on the witch burnings in Europe and America, and even the Pagan Book of ABCs. ^_^

Any of you have e-readers? Recommend any good e-books (preferably free or cheap)?

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