Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mail Blessings to Brighten my Day

So my day has been terrible...and now I go to bed with a headache wondering if I will be able to even make it to work at a scheduled time tomorrow.

However, I did receive in the mail my copy of Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic. While I love the movie, I have never actually read the book and am very excited about receiving this. I had actually given up looking for the book due to the cheap price (99 cents plus $2 shipping) and thought it was indeed too good to be true. I was wrong to think so and was also given the pleasant surprise that the book was hardback, not paperback like I had expected.
Ironically, it was just after ordering it through Ebay that I received my Kindle...oh well.

I'll let you know what I think when I finish it ^_^


Craftymamawitch said...

I'm reading it for the first time too. And don't feel bad, it's not available on Kindle! Loving it (Kindle and book)!

Dawn said...

not available on Kindle? Good to know, thanks.