Saturday, March 31, 2012

School Rant

Not to turn this blog into an outlet for ranting or all my baby-wanting pre-pregnancy research I did want to post this to try and get it off my chest as it still is bugging me after hearing about it almost a week ago.

My cousin, who is like my little sister as we were raised together in the same house, has recently started going to a Christian academy in her city. I have no issue with this as I went to a Christian (Baptist) Academy and the education was excellent even though I disagree with some of their teaching techniques (specifically paddling).

When I asked why they were moving her to the academy I was given 2 reasons by my grandmother
1 her public school was teaching homosexuality in sex ed classes - I rolled my eyes at this but decided not to cause an argument with my fundamentalist Christian family so I said nothing about it

2 the schools are overstepping their boundries in raising children
The example I was given was one of my cousin's classmates brought a lunch from home, which consisted of a turkey sandwich, a fruit cup and some juice. The school took her lunch away because it didn't have all the food groups represented, gave her a school lunch and tried to make her mother pay for the school lunch given.
When asked what of the school lunch she ate, the little girl said she had a couple of chicken nuggets but didn't like them or anything else on her she went hungry.

I was in shock.
I knew things were getting crazy in the schools today after reading an article about a teacher cutting off one girl's hair in front of the class because she kept playing with her braids, another teacher having her students write Christmas cards to her imprisoned boyfriend (who was charged with child pornography), and more.
But I had assumed that these were isolated incidents and I had never imagined they'd hit so close to home as the school decided to the letter how a parent should feed or even raise their children.

As I look into my pre-pregnancy planning I cant help but look ahead to when my child or children are of age to be placed into the school system...and the more I learn about that school system the more I feel that I don't want my offspring in it.

So there's my rant...sorry I know it has nothing to do with witchcraft at all but now that its off my chest maybe I can put it off my mind as well.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Witchcraft on the Road

We're on vacation but this witch's work is never done. My husband has commissioned me to make a fisherman's mojo bag for him to bring him luck while catching fish. I told him I'll make it tomorrow but for tonight I'll give him a "lucky kiss" and hope he catches me something yummy.

Well before that I had said that I had never tried shark and would like what would you know...
He just ran up from the dock where he's fishing in an ocean inlet and brough me my shark!
Its a little sand shark and I'll post pictures once I get the pics off of my camera.
So yes, I will still be making a mojo and giving lucky kisses and hoping for more yummies in the day to come...and I will also be tossing that nasty "lucky" fishing hat he has that is falling apart and smells terrible.

Any suggestions on a lucky fisherman's mojo?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

G is for Gris-Gris

As I'm quite the amateur at hoodoo I'll be referring to Moma Sarah's blog and her well-written and informative post about gris-gris.

I will say that from what I've read, gris-gris is considered by many to be the same thing as a mojo bag and I must say I'm not sure if there's a difference. The only thing I can see is that a gris-gris can be made in regards to a specific deity and I have not seen that a mojo is made for that reason.

While you're looking at Moma Sarah's blog, be sure to check out her shop - ConjuredCardea !

At the Beach

I'm on vacation at the beach in Jacksonville, NC!
We're going to be here 3 weeks before we move to Alaska and I'm sooooooo excited about the break. This should help relieve all the stress we've been suffering from this past 3-5 months.

During this time, in between walking along to sand, picking up shells and sharks teeth and sea glass, I'll be working on 2 e-books that I hope to have available on here and my Fairy blog. Its going to be a slow process though since both books require some research - not to mention that my capacity for working during vacation is low ^_^

In the mean time I'll be posting pictures and of course keeping up with Pagan Blog Project and Pagan Blog Prompts (though the recent one about spring cleanign doesn't pertain to me right now as we have no house to spring clean anymore lol).

Normally in bathrooms the graffiti is lewd rude and crude but this one at the book store had messages of inspiration!
Mushrooms! Took this pic before we left TN
Beautiful Atlantic - in the distance is some sort of ship called the Iwo Jima 
We Caught Crabs >.< Too bad I'm allergic to shell fish
Holey "Holy" Stone I found on the beach - how auspicious!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

G is for Ganesh

I'm 5 days early as far as the Pagan Blog Project prompting is concerned but I'm in the middle of a big move so I'd rather be early than super late...

Ganesh (aka Ganesha or Ganesa, Ganapati, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar) is one of my Patron deities and is one I go to whenever I have a goal I want to achieve of a change that I desire in my life. He is known as the Lord of Beginnings or Lord of Obstacles.

Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati. He is depicted as having the head of an elephant, which sets him apart from the other Hindu gods. How he obtained the elephant head is up for debate as it seems each story of his conception has a different way of explaining it. Some say he was born with it, some say he was born with a human head that disintegrated due to the evil eye or was cut off. Some stories and depictions even show him with multiple elephant heads. Either way, he obtained the elephant head and it, along with his big belly are very distinctive.
Ganesh is shown in many poses. Sometimes he is with his family, other times alone. He is shown standing, dancing, fighting demons, reclining, playing, sitting, elevated, holding a number of objects to show his many aspects, etc. So many depictions and views reflect the fact that Ganesh is one of the most recognizable and widely worshiped deities in the world.

I was first introduced to Ganesh by my dear friend Edward. He suggested I do a mantra to Ganesh 108 times a day for 108 days with a specific goal in mind. I did so and counted the days. To aid my mantra I used a string of rose beads I had bought at an antique store months before that had 110 beads exactly on it. These became my prayer beads.
108 days later of continuous mantras - my goal came through. Not only did it work automatically, Ganesh became an important symbol and figure in my life and I now go to him for any goal and new path I want to take.

I later had a dream of Ganesh. He was truly so large I could not comprehend him. His size was not all that was large about him, his very presence would bowl you over. It was one of the most intense and realistic dreams I ever had. He was golden in color and such a happy, mellow vibe came off of him. I'll remember the dream for as long as I live.

Ganesh Mantra Videos

Traditional Ganesh mantra with beautiful video by Sonu Nigam

Techno mantra (my favorite)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Separation of Church and State

I normally don't get political on my blog but I am gonna rant a wee bit for now...

There's a church at the end of our little area of the country and other than some light traffic on Sundays and Wednesdays, I've had no problems with them at all. Lately, the area of woods across the street from the church has been cut down, burned and uprooted. It looks like a wasteland now and it makes me sad every time we pass because it was once very pretty.
Today I found out why it's been destroyed.

The church owns the land on both sides of the road and they were apparently tired of the road going through now they're using County tax dollars to re-route the road and expand their parking lot (which isn't needed from what I've seen by their turn out). I can't help but be saddened by this whole issue. What was once a pretty little woods and pasture is now mud and charred wood - and all this was paid with the tax dollars of the rest of us living here - I would certainly not have wanted my money to go to this. Doesn't the church take up offerings? Tithing and what not being very important from what I remember of church growing up.

The whole situation makes me agitated.
Sorry to be all ranty lately, probably the stress of moving doing this to me.
I'll be sure to post something pleasant soon.

Love and light,

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Leaving Witchbook

I'm leaving
You might have noticed, if you read my blog often, that I was super excited about joining Witchbook as I love being part of a community of like minded people. I even posted a banner for them at the bottom of my blog when I joined so as to promote them.

I'm now leaving because as my husband was reading a post about Human Spammers by Digital Magick I read something that disturbed me somewhat:

"I have access to the database, and it's a rather obvious spike in one (rather 3) of my spam-catcher graphs, when a single user sends out 100 messages in under an hour.  (Legit members fear not!  If I do suspect something with your mail, I'll peek at a couple of messages, and if they don't look spammy, I stop looking, forget what I read, delete it from my brain, and get drunk to ensure the deletion took. Your privacy is safe with me)."

Sorry Digi but I don't care how drunk you get, my personal messages are not for your perusal because you think I MIGHT be spamming. How lame of an excuse. I totally understand if someone reports an email for the so-called "lead geek" to look at the reported e-mail but not to go through anyone's e-mail for what I consider illegitimate reasons. Whats to keep Digital Magick or any of the admins of looking at the personal messages of anyone and posting them somewhere just for shits and giggles?

His excuse is lame, the statement of getting drunk to forget the pm is I'm leaving rather than ignore something as irritating and ridiculous as this.

Perhaps I should just stick with Witchvox...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bubble Bubble Boil and...

This witch is cooking up some the bathroom?

I'm getting ready for th ebig move from TN to Alaska next week (Tuesday to be precise) and today I'm making all the organic hygeine products I will need for 1-2 months.
 My shampoo. I'm actually making it in a plastic container, this pic is from the last batch I made and I'm using it because the bottle is prettier, lol.
My shampoo consists of 1/2 castille soap and 1/2 other liquid ingredients that consist of freshly brewed herbal tisane (usually a blend of chamomile, lavender and other calming scents as I love a good calming cleansing bath or shower), a few drops of tea tree essential oil, 1 capsule of Vitamin E oil and maybe a few drops of lavender eo...if I can find where I put it.
I'm making enough for me and some extra for Lady and a friend of sad to be leaving them for such a long times :(

This is my witch hazel and tea tree oil blend that I use for everything from bug bites to acne to piercings to...everything skin related excepting sun burns or burns (for that I use aloe and lavender eo).

I also prepared some unrefined organic coconut oil that I use instead of lotion form its HUGE gallon tub to a smaller container (and gave the rest to Lady as I can't take it over the boarder as it is a food product).
I will also be making a couple of bars of soap - I'm actually almost completely out of my organic soap base so...I'll prolly have to give it up for a lil while and use something like Dove - ew I know but cheaper than my base and something my mom-in-law is willing to buy for me without a fit about my 'hippy ways'. LOL

-takes a deeep breath-
So I'm packing like mad and having to step back now and then to relax and remind myself that this is an adventure. no one is making me do this. i am happy.
I've also been burning up as we keep hitting record highs right now and I've yet to prepare summer clothes to wear. So...I found a great way to relax and refresh
Spearmint tisane!

My husband's grandmother planted spearmint in her garden 4-5 years ago and every year it comes back with a vengeance to take over her flower beds (she didn't know that it did this when she bought it) so she says come and get it or I'm just gonna mow it down.
I of course grabbed a handful yesterday and thanked the Goddess for her bounty in my time of need ^_^

I hope everyone is having a blessed spring day!
Love and Light

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Manifestation vs Preparedness

Ok, I have a BIG question for you my readers so I hope you'll give me your answers...please?

Damon and I and our girlfriend, who I will call Lady here, are talking about having a baby once we're settled down in Alaska.
Wow! right?
I'll be the one who has the baby physically - the preggers mama I mean - since Lady is sterile due to health concerns.

I've been looking at ALL KINDS of cute adorable natural organic poly-friendly pagan-friendly adorable BABY STUFF! And books and videos and articles on how to prepare and natural parenting and natural birth etc etc etc

But I got to wondering.
We're not moving to Alaska for another 3 weeks or so and even then we wont have our new home right away and Even Then, Lady wont be moving up until September!
So I don't want to be pregnant YET, I'd like to wait until we're all together and all settled at least even if that doesn't mean we feel financially ready (because I'm told we never really will be).

My question is, does my reading and looking at all this baby stuff and thinking about it excitedly manifest my pregnancy sooner? I'm a lil worried it does.
I'm not on chemical birth control - we plan around my periods and ovulation and whatnot since I'm allergic to most condoms and we're all three STI free and so on and so forth. So...there's always a chance I could accidentally get pregnant...
But the question here is about manifestation not birth control.
If you believe in manifestation, do you think I could actually manifest a sooner pregnancy than id like? do you think there's a way to manifest it October or November or December...?

What is your opinion?

While you're answering or after, check out this amazing video from the Raw Food World owner Matt Monarch and his beautiful wife - they had a completely unassisted birth!

Psalms Correspondences

Psalms used in folk magic - here is a list of each one and what it is used for - list was taken from AIRR links for psychics, readers and conjurers

  • Psalms 1: For removal of the ungodly from a group; for a safe pregnancy.
  • Psalms 2: To aid in disbanding and breaking up enemy conspiracies.
  • Psalms 3: For relief from a severe headache or from back pain.
  • Psalms 4: For restful and peaceful sleep; to change one's luck from bad to good.
  • Psalms 5: For finding favor with authorities or superiors in business.
  • Psalms 6: For healing diseases of the eye; for protection in the dark.
  • Psalms 7: To stop conspiracies, enemy pursuit, for court cases.
  • Psalms 8: Success in business through the good will of associates.
  • Psalms 9: To punish enemies; yo restore good health to male children.
  • Psalms 10: To cleanse off an unclean, restless, or intranquil spirit.
  • Psalms 11: To cast off fear; for righteous retribution against your foes.
  • Psalms 12: For protection against severe persecution or oppression.
  • Psalms 13: For safety from unnatural death; for curing painful eye diseases.
  • Psalms 14: To stop libel and slander from tarnishing the trust others have in you.
  • Psalms 15: To exorcise evil spirits and devils from a person; for mental peace.
  • Psalms 16: To identify a thief; to change sorrow to joy and heal to pain.
  • Psalms 17: For safe travel abroad and to help bring a loved one safely home.
  • Psalms 18: To drive off approaching robbers; for anointing the sick to cure them.
  • Psalms 19: For help in childbirth, for release from jail, to remove evil spirits.
  • Psalms 20: Protection from danger for a day; to be justified in a court case.
  • Psalms 21: To both calm a storm and to offer protection for seafarers and sailors.
  • Psalms 22: For travel protection from dangerous storms, pirates, beasts, and men.
  • Psalms 23: For prosperity, love, protection, wisdom, and guidance.
  • Psalms 24: For protection from floods and escape from rising waters.
  • Psalms 25: Forgiveness of the sins of youth; protection from capture.
  • Psalms 26: For the release of someone from confinement or from jail.
  • Psalms 27: For protection and hospitality while one is travelling abroad.
  • Psalms 28: To bring back estranged friends who have become hostile to you.
  • Psalms 29: To drive out devils and restore peace and tranquility to the home.
  • Psalms 30: For protection from enemies; for recovery from severe illnesses.
  • Psalms 31: For protection from conspiracies, back-biting, and gossip.
  • Psalms 32: To gain respect, love, grace, and blessings from Heaven.
  • Psalms 33: To protect, unite, and bless all of the members of a family.
  • Psalms 34: To destroy and reverse back evil; for protection while travelling.
  • Psalms 35: For justice to prevail in court cases and legal matters.
  • Psalms 36: For protection from slander and gossip and to to expose liars.
  • Psalms 37: For protection against slander, gossip, lies, and evil-doers.
  • Psalms 38: To help in court cases where slander fouled up the proceedings.
  • Psalms 39: To turn around a court case when false testimony has been given.
  • Psalms 40: For protection against evil spirits and to cast them out.
  • Psalms 41: To restore a good name if slander and gossip have ruined a reputation.
  • Psalms 42: For guidance from the Lord; for discovering answers in dreams.
  • Psalms 43: To work against slander and wicked people; to turn back evil.
  • Psalms 44: To guard and protect against enemies, invading armies, or war.
  • Psalms 45: For peace between husband and wife; to calm an angry spouse
  • Psalms 46: To help a struggling marriage; to soothe marital tensions.
  • Psalms 47: To gain favour from those in power; for mastery over people.
  • Psalms 48: To destroy hateful and envious enemies; to seize them with terror.
  • Psalms 49: To help heal and ease serious illnesses, diseases, and fevers.
  • Psalms 50: For healing; to overcome fevers and other forms of sickness.
  • Psalms 51: For cleansing and removing sin, especially after acts of revenge.
  • Psalms 52: To end all manner of gossip and calumny by poison-tongued people.
  • Psalms 53: To protect from enemies whose names are known or unknown.
  • Psalms 54: To give protection by reversing works of evil and malice.
  • Psalms 55: To call upon the Lord to bring down retribution against attackers.
  • Psalms 56: For intercession by the Almighty to remove temptation and bad habits.
  • Psalms 57: To turn around one's luck, changing bad luck into good luck.
  • Psalms 58: For warding off snakes and wild beasts; to reverse evil unto enemies.
  • Psalms 59: To bring down the vengeance of the Lord against one's enemies.
  • Psalms 60: For the Lord to march into battle and protect His soldiers.
  • Psalms 61: For a new home to be fixed with good fortune, happiness, and peace.
  • Psalms 62: For forgiveness of sins and to gain the blessing of the Lord.
  • Psalms 63: To protect from being victimized by business partners and investors.
  • Psalms 64: For protection, especially while at sea, and for a safe return.
  • Psalms 65: For road opening that breaks through barriers and leads to success.
  • Psalms 66: To remove and exorcise evil spirits; to cleanse a possessed person.
  • Psalms 67: To help release those who has been imprisoned or otherwise bound.
  • Psalms 68: Recited while preparing baths that are used to exorcise evil spirits.
  • Psalms 69: To free one from slavery to addictions and unhealthy habits.
  • Psalms 70: To cast down and reverse the wickedness wrought by enemies.
  • Psalms 71: To release clients from prison, for acquittals in court cases.
  • Psalms 72: To craft charms and talismans that bring a client favour and grace.
  • Psalms 73: To protect travellers against religious persecution in foreign lands.
  • Psalms 74: For an end to persecution and to destroy oppressors and persecutors.
  • Psalms 75: Used along with specially prepared baths for the cleansing of sins.
  • Psalms 76: For the Lord's intercession, to provide protection from all attacks.
  • Psalms 77: Used against danger, poverty, chronic illness, drought, and famine.
  • Psalms 78: To gain favors from kings, princes, and other government officials.
  • Psalms 79: To utterly destroy the wicked and also to cast fatal curses.
  • Psalms 80: To end spiritual doubts and to prevent people falling into unbelief.
  • Psalms 81: To save people from error and mistakes, for safety from accidents.
  • Psalms 82: To facilitate business deals and assist those making investments.
  • Psalms 83: To keep clients safe during times of war, persecution, and captivity.
  • Psalms 84: For healing, especially when the body has contracted unusual odors.
  • Psalms 85: To soften hearts and restore peace to friends who have become enemies.
  • Psalms 86: To bring goodness, spiritual peace, and happiness to the community.
  • Psalms 87: To cleanse the community before starting healing and blessing work.
  • Psalms 88: To remove evil and bring blessings; used with baths and talismans.
  • Psalms 89: Prayed over oil to anoint the sick or secure a release from prison.
  • Psalms 90: Used with Psalms 91 to protect from danger and exorcise evil spirits.
  • Psalms 91: For protection from distress and harm; to remove evil spirits.
  • Psalms 92: Prayed over herbal baths used to bring good fortune and high honors.
  • Psalms 93: Against prosecution by unjust and oppressive men; to win in court.
  • Psalms 94: For protection and to turn all evil back onto your enemies.
  • Psalms 95: To cleanse sins; to pray for guidance and forgiveness for enemies.
  • Psalms 96: To bless a family and bring happiness, peace, and joy to them.
  • Psalms 97: Used with Psalms 96 for healing, blessing, and cleansing a family.
  • Psalms 98: To restore peace between two hostile families; to bless a home.
  • Psalms 99: For praise and devotion to God; to gain conversation with God.
  • Psalms 100: To bring victory against enemies by uplifting the client.
  • Psalms 101: For protection against enemies and to be rid of evil spirits.
  • Psalms 102: For assistance in matters of fertility and to be granted grace.
  • Psalms 103: For help in conceiving of a child and for the forgiveness of sins.
  • Psalms 104: Repeated frequently to destroy and cleanse away harm, evil, and sin.
  • Psalms 105: For healing illnesses, especially recurrent or periodic fevers.
  • Psalms 106: For healing and to restore one to health, especially from fevers.
  • Psalms 107: For remission or healing from periodic or recurrent fevers.
  • Psalms 108: Utilized in a spell for financial success in your place of business.
  • Psalms 109: Used in a powerful curse against oppressive, slanderous enemies.
  • Psalms 110: For victory; to cause enemies to bow before you and beg for mercy.
  • Psalms 111: Recited to acquire many friends, as well as respect, and admiration.
  • Psalms 112: To increase in might and power, for success, abundance, and blessings.
  • Psalms 113: Prayers and blessings for those in need; to stop infidelity and heresy.
  • Psalms 114: Used in a spell for success in matters of finance, business, and money.
  • Psalms 115: To foster truth-telling, for victory in debate over scoffers and mockers.
  • Psalms 116: Recited daily for protection from violent or sudden death or injury.
  • Psalms 117: For forgiveness of a failure to keep a vow or promise that you made.
  • Psalms 118: For protection against those who try to misguide or lead you astray.
  • Psalms 119: The longest Psalm, its 22 alphabetic divisions cover all human problems.
  • Psalms 120: For success in court and for protection against snakes and scorpions.
  • Psalms 121: For safety at night, both during sleep and while travelling in darkness.
  • Psalms 122: For peace within a city, and to gain the favour of those in high station.
  • Psalms 123: Employed in a spell to cause a servant, trainee, or employee to return.
  • Psalms 124: Cleansing of the soul, protection at sea and from being wronged.
  • Psalms 125: For protection in foreign lands and against those who work iniquity.
  • Psalms 126: After miscarriage or the death of a child; for the next child to live.
  • Psalms 127: Placed in a mojo for the protection and blessing of a newborn baby.
  • Psalms 128: For a fortunate, accident-free pregnancy; for uncomplicated childbirth.
  • Psalms 129: Recited daily to prepare one for a long life of virtue and good works.
  • Psalms 130: Recited to the four quarters when passing by sentries in a war zone.
  • Psalms 131: Recited three times a day to reduce one's sin of pride and scornfulness.
  • Psalms 132: To remediate one's unpunctuality and failure to perform duties on time.
  • Psalms 133: To retain the love and respect of friends and to gain many more friends.
  • Psalms 134: For altar work in matters of higher education and for success in school.
  • Psalms 135: For repentance, spirituality, and rededication of one's life to God.
  • Psalms 136: Recited on behalf of those who wish to confess and be cleansed of sins.
  • Psalms 137: For cleansing of the heart and soul from hate, envy, evil, and vice.
  • Psalms 138: Recited daily to bring love and friendship from the Lord.
  • Psalms 139: To nurture and maintain love, especially within the context of marriage.
  • Psalms 140: To restore tranquility and to perserve and maintain relationships.
  • Psalms 141: To ward off against terror and fear and against looming oppression.
  • Psalms 142: To heal the body, restore health, and alleviate pain and suffering.
  • Psalms 143: To heal bodily limbs, especially the arms and to alleviate pain.
  • Psalms 144: To speed up healing and to ensure the perfect mend of a broken arm.
  • Psalms 145: To cleanse and purify clients who are beset by ghosts or evil spirits.
  • Psalms 146: Used with altar work for healing and recovery after being wounded.
  • Psalms 147: For healing wounds and bites from snakes, insects, and other animals.
  • Psalms 148: Used with Psalms 149 to keep clients safe from accidents by fire.
  • Psalms 149: Used with altar work to protect against fire-related accidents.
  • Psalms 150: For the glory of the Lord and to give thanks for His intervention.

Candle Color Correspondences

Here are some Hoodoo Candle Correspondences. I wanted to share them because there are a few differences between this list and the one used by most pagan and wiccan websites I've read.
  • white -- spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest
  • blue -- peace, harmony, joy, kindly intentions, healing
  • green -- money spells, gambling luck, business, a good job, good crops
  • yellow -- devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction
  • red -- love spells, affection, passion, bodily vigour
  • pink -- attraction, romance, clean living
  • purple -- mastery, power, ambition, control, command
  • orange -- change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams
  • brown -- court case spells, neutrality
  • black -- repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, freedom from evil
  • red and black (Double Action) -- remove a love-jinxing spell
  • white and black (Double Action) -- to return evil to the sender
  • green and black (Double Action) -- remove money-jinxing
More about candle magic and correspondences for such works can be found HERE
Also see Moma Sarah's blog post on how to work a Candle, Voodoun style

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hope You had a Lovely Ostara!

Happy Ostara

Happy Ostara!

I actually won't be celebrating until tomorrow, March 21st, which is also the anniversary of my handfasting to Damon. We will be lighting a candle we obtained especially for this day when we got married in New Orleans - its rose scented and has a charm inside that will predict the year to come together, which I will add to the charms I wear and/or carry daily. 

I hope you all have a Blessed Spring Equinox ^_^

Sunday, March 18, 2012

F is for Familiars

My husband once had a Familiar, a calico cat named Halloween. She was like our baby. We recently had to give her a new home with a close friend of our because we're moving. If we had been moving in the state or even to one of the surrounding states we would have kept her but, sadly, I don't think she would have faired well in a month-long road trip. Plus, I've heard that I might not be able to take her over Canadian boarder and there's no way I was gonna dumper her out of the car in North Dakota. 

So what is a Familiar?
I believe they are animals we meet in this life, on this plane, who help guide and protect us. They can be cats, birds, dogs, lizards, mice, etc. They don't even have to be pets. 
I had a crow that used to stay outside my window all winter and summer when I lived in Kentucky. I dreamt he would talk to me, tell me things, and in the morning he flew above me as I got on the bus or in a friend's car to go to school. When I got back, the crow was still there. I think it was a guide that I needed at that time. By the time I reached senior year of high school, the crow was gone. 

The Difference between Familiars and Totems or Spirit Animals?
I believe a Familiar is or once was an animal on this physical plane that connected with a person.
A Totem or Spirit animal doesn't ever have to have been on this plane nor does it have to be an animal that even exists on this plane (i.e. 'mythical' creatures like dragons and unicorns). 
Both Familiars and Spirit Animals are still very important to a witch's growth. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Good Witch

So, while I was working at my last job, I had a discussion with a woman about herbs. I think it started when I was using my homemade lip balm and she asked me about it. I told her I make all of my own hygiene and beauty products excepting deodorant and a few items of make up.
She laughed and said I reminded her of Cassie Nightingale, from the movie The Good Witch. Well I didn't let on about my own religious beliefs because I honestly didn't want any hostility at my work place and I was too knew to know how it would be taken.
She told me about the movie but one thing that stuck with me was that Cassie wasn't really a witch.

So I watched the movie and my impression was
Well...yes, Cassie is a witch.
I think the woman was getting at was that Cassie doesn't do "black magic" or have a green face or whatever most people think of when they think of witches.

I think Cassie is an awesome witch. I would love to know what's in her aphrodisiac blend lol.
The movie is really good and I recommend it for those of you who like feel-good Hallmark type movies.
I'm told there's a sequel but its not registering with Netflix...I'll let you know if I see it ^_^

Celtic Symbols in Magic

If you follow a Celtic Pagan Tradition or are looking to get in touch with your Irish roots for St. Paddy's tomorrow, I thought I would share a list of Celtic Symbols and their meanings that can be used in magic. Most of these involve a braided knot work. If you've the skill to recreate these designs I consider you a very gifted person (because I cant >.<).

Celtic Oval: Throughout Ancient Europe, the oval symbolized eternity and unending love.

Celtic Heart: Traditional symbol of love, desire and courage.

Celtic Square: A Scottish design that is part of the traditional Celtic love knot.

Celtic Round: The outer circle symbolizes the sun while the knots represent the elements.

Celtic Four: Represents friendships or love between 2 people who are separate yet together.

Love Knot: Two entwined hearts that represent the eternal union of 2 souls.

Trinity: Power three-sided figure can represent Father, Son and Holy Ghost by Christian Tradition, Maiden Mother and Crone by Pagan, or simply body, mind and spirit.

My all time favorite Celtic symbol is the Claddagh, which represents a heart for love, hands for friendship and a crown for loyalty. When offering a claddagh ring to the one you love it was once customary to say, "I give you my heart, crowned with my love." My husband gave me a claddagh wedding band and we used that saying instead of "With this ring, I thee wed" at our wedding.